How Does your Social Class Affect the Quality of your Education?

Posted by jassonmike on July 18th, 2018

Many Studies reveals that a high-quality Education is a key to a successful career. Thus the students should be encouraged to acquire the best education so they can contribute to the socio-economic development of their country. The value of good education should be taught by parents and teachers. The children’s must understand the worth of this hard work and dedication and how these home works and tests are going to pay back in the future. A well-educated person can fulfill his needs, make better decisions and live a luxurious life.

But unfortunately, large numbers of students are deprived of acquiring a high-quality education only because of their low social class.

Types of Education System:

There are two main types of education systems

  • Private Schools
  • Public Schools

Private schools

Private schools are those institutions which are independent, non-state and non- Government funded. These schools have the right to choose the children according to their previous academic records, socio-economic background, and religious background. They take high fees from their students.

Public Schools

Public schools are Government funded schools where the students do not need to pay any fees. The state or the Government provides funding to the institution and some may ask for donations. Many Countries follow the Zone system thus the Public schools are close to home and they enroll students from all socioeconomic status without any discrimination.

Difference between the Qualities of Education


Quality of Education provided to students belonging to High Social Class:

The Private Schools have a high fee structure which cannot be afforded by parents belonging to low socioeconomic status. Thus such schools can be afforded by students belonging to rich families and those having high social class. The Public Schools offer a high-quality education, where the students get more opportunities to explore and learn. They use the latest gadgets and technologies to train and educate their students. Each student receives a personal attention from the teachers who motivate them to complete their homework and achieve higher grades. This results in students becoming more confident and enthusiastic to study hard and grow up to live a healthier life. However, there are some exemptions where the students from low socioeconomic class manage to enter a private school and continue his studies on the basis of Academic or sports scholarship. Then he can also acquire quality education and live a prosperous life. Teachers who are hired in a private school needs to be a professional, they need to pass test and proof themselves to have a complete knowledge about the subject they are going to teach and show that they are confident and can motivate their students. These teachers are provided a higher salary package which keeps them more bonded and loyal to their profession. These professional teachers play an important role in building the good future of a country. 

Quality of Education provided to students belonging to Low Social Class:

While the students who are poor can afford admission into public schools. These schools are Government Funded and they do not get funding to provide latest technology and e-learning to their students. Thus this result in students feeling deprived of their rights and this can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. In such a school there is only one teacher in a whole class of twenty students. Thus unlike private school, no one receives equal attention or motivations from teachers. This environment creates a negative impact on their minds and personality. They will not understand the value of quality education because since the beginning they have understood the harsh reality of them being deprived of quality education. This carefree environment of a Public school makes a student less enthusiastic, their dreams and goals will seem blurred and hard to achieve. The teacher’s in public school does not need to have any professional training or diploma. They are just a common teacher who lacks self-confidence and does not motivate their students to achieve higher grades or complete their homework or assignments. Thus having a less motivated teacher will result in producing less motivated students and thus a poor education system. The teachers in public schools are not paid much and this proofs to be another reason for their lack of interest and dedication to their profession.                             

Unfortunately social class does effects quality of education thus Countries need to change their perspective and this class difference. Every student should be provided with equal rights and opportunities so they can unite to brighten the future of the country. 

Author Bio: This article is written by Mike Jason, He is a known article writer who provides university assignment help. He completed His Masters of Business Administration from the University of California, USA.    

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