Make the Most out of 2018 with an Advanced Multi-Channel B2B Inbound Marketing

Posted by Epromotionz on July 18th, 2018

Previously, an average consumer made use of a couple of touch-points while purchasing a product, while modern-age consumers now run through multiple touch-points. Getting the attention new customers has now become significantly more difficult. With several new B2B inbound marketing platforms and channels surfacing constantly, consumers have numerous choices and are asking for more attention from online brands making an effort to reach them.

The idea of multi-channel inbound marketing has garnered massive popularity amongst the digital marketers since a last few years as the new-age online brands and businesses have realized that one-off campaigns targeting prospective customers on just one channel at a time can no longer cut it.

Before we actually understand how make your multi-channel inbound marketing strategies successful, let’s explain what multi-channel inbound marketing actually means and how it makes a different.

Understanding the Multi-Channel Inbound Marketing:

Multi-channel marketing is basically the execution of one unified strategy across multiple channels for maximizing the probabilities to communicate with the potential customers. The new-age digital marketers make efforts to predict how and where their potential customers might communicate with them giving them an opportunity to higher the conversions.

This calls for casting a broad network of devised touch-points and reiterating your brand message across different inbound marketing channels, but eventually boosts your possibility to elevate customer awareness and let the message penetrate to really have an effect.

Let’s explore a few channels that efficiently support a massive amount of touch points and deliver your customers with choice in picking their favorite channel. The benefit of social media is that it can be made use of as both introductory and retargeting platform leading a new customer further down your sales funnel.

Know How to Make the Most out of 2018 with an Advanced Multi-Channel B2B Inbound Marketing Strategy:

  • Look through Content: Facebook is an incredible social media marketing channel to block up the top of your funnel with prospective visitors.  Whether you intensify your our content or gain individual’s interest through Facebook live or any other kind of multimedia ads, it is very important to understand what exactly your target customer are interested in and then customize the content as per their desires. Cover those topics which might interest your prospective customers and eventually escort them to your product page.

  • Lead Generation: “Dynamic Product Ads” is another beneficial Facebook tool which just comes in handy at this phase of the sales funnel, particularly if you are running an ecommerce business. These ads automatically market the products to individuals that have shown their interest on your website, in your app or somewhere else on the web. B2B marketers can easily upload their product catalog on Facebook, once they set up the campaign and the B2B inbound marketing experts and the social network will take care of the rest.

  • Email Marketing: While social media marketing is extremely effective technique for the most introductory and retargeting channel, emails are extremely helpful while retargeting the prospective customers. Possibilities are that till any prospective customer provides you with their e-mail address, you might have some plan of what they are actually interested in and in search for, all thanks to your looking through your content campaign as being discussed above. Therefore, creating effective e-mails addressing their possible pain points must be much easier by now. It is very important for the b2b marketers to ensure that its content aligns with their overall campaign message to make the e-mail marketing endeavors successful.

  • Google AdWords: B2B marketers can set up Google AdWords campaigns to run from the top, middle and bottom of the B2B inbound marketing funnel.  At the top, digital marketing experts can create wide match changed campaigns concentrating on recognizing exactly what keywords users seek for in your space. At the middle of the inbound marketing funnel, you will have the users that are engrossed in the products or services that you are offering so that you offer them with targeted ads.  At the bottom of this funnel, digital marketers can make use of the AdWords remarketing for constantly creating extra touchpoints once the consumers have visited your website. Many b2b marketers make use of AdWords Ad Extensions for incorporating interactive and clickable data right at the top of the ad like text message extensions, coupons and phone numbers. Through making these marketing tools accessible in the ad could reduce the total number of steps in your sales funnel drastically. Through clicking on the coupon your customers will get tempted to walk right in the physical location for picking up the product they are actually getting a discount on. By clicking on the phone number or a text extension will connect them right away to customer service that in turn answers rest of the questions and boost the buying intent.

This is no more a secret that none of the above mentioned digital marketing tools listed above are completely effective nowadays if you keep it isolated. That is the reason why a steady brand message and a consistent quality of content, product, service and customer experience across all the inbound marketing channels is very important.

Prospective customers must get a sense of acquaintance at each turn of the sales funnel if you want to establish a reliable and lasting relationship with them. Keeping a constant track of the conversion rates amid the different platforms will assist b2b marketers to measure success and build a more effective multi-channel B2B inbound marketing strategy.

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