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Replace Your Landline with a Cordless Telephone

Posted by ainsleyaiken on July 18th, 2018

The means of communication have seen a lot of changes with time. It all started with letters that were written and sent to the recipient. It was a time-consuming process and involved many people as an intermediate. Later in 1849 Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone. It involved wires connecting from one place to another and a central communication hub. Then in 1965 Teri Pall invented the first cordless phone which was not successful. Few years later it became successful and was sold worldwide. Presently cordless phones have replaced old landline phones. Along with that mobile phones, email and other newer means have come into existence.

If you have an old wired landline telephone, it is wise to get a long rangecordless phone now. Cordless phones have quite a number of advantages over the tradition wired telephones. Some of the advantages are:

i)                    No wires- Well that undoubtedly is the biggest advantage over the traditional phones. You do not have to face the hassle of managing wires and untangle them. Neither will you have the headache to replace wires which get worn out and get torn easily.

ii)                  Mobility- This is another major advantage that you get from using a long range cordless phone. Since it is wireless you can move around with the phone all around your house, as long the range permits. Though the mobility is limited compared to mobile phones due to its range, but nonetheless it is better than a stationary landline telephone.

iii)                Small formfactor- Cordless telephones are usually quite smaller in size compared to wired phones. Hence it will not only be easy to manage but also save some space.

iv)                Modern look- Though it is the least of the advantages yet it is worth mentioning that it will give your home a modern and sophisticated look. Being done with the advantages, it is also necessary to point out the disadvantages too. Some of them are:

i)                    Constant need of electricity- This is the major disadvantage of these phones. The base needs to be plugged in for the receiver to work. Also, the receiver gets charge from the base. In cases of power outage, you will not be able to use your phone.

ii)                  Battery replacement- The battery of the receiver is rechargeable but it needs to be replaced occasionally as it wears out with time.

Conclusion- Cordless phones are worth the upgrade over traditional phones due to its advantages. However, bear in mind about the disadvantages and see if you are able to tackle them. There are many brands that make cordless phones, good ones like Panasonic phone. Do check all features before getting one for yourself.

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