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Posted by baby on July 19th, 2018

Path of Exile: Incursion is really what you get if you mix time travel with dungeon runs. It’s kind of like Indiana Jones meets Doctor Who, just with much, far more gibbing. The upcoming Challenge League sees you looking for the lost Vaal Temple of Atzoatl, hopping back in its history via Incursions to uncover its location. But there’s a twist: whatever you do while looking Atzoatl in POE Currency past times will affect its form if you eventually discover it in present-day Wraeclast.

Naturally, the ramifications of your energy travel from the Incursion Challenge League is usually pretty complex, so we’re around to break all of it down in your case - in the Temple of Atzoatl, how Incursions work, and what else to expect through the upcoming league-cum-expansion hybrid.

By far the most crucial bit: when contemplating able to have fun playing the expansion? The Path of Exile Incursion release date is June 1, 2018, so that you don’t have long to plan from the build prior to the new Challenge League.

The upcoming Incursion Challenge League sees you teaming on top of relic hunter Alva Valai looking for the Temple of Atzoatl, a long-lost store of wealth and treasures that had been built on the height from the Vaal civilisation.

Alva Valai has established that by spilling Vaal blood on specific marker stones you are able to open an occasion portal to Atzoatl during its construction. These Temporal Incursions could be found in all areas of Wraeclast, and after completing 11 of those, Alva should have enough information to see the temple’s present-day location. Then it’s under your control to head in to the jungle and battle on Cheap POE Currency your path through the temple, racking up many loot along the route.

The final temple run will differ drastically dependant upon what temple rooms you visit and what you will get up to during each Temporal Incursion. Over the course of a primary storyline playthrough you are able to expect to complete ten full temple runs.

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