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Posted by Paul Michael on July 20th, 2018

Betting on sports has been around as long as long sports has and for a sports lover, this has always been a way to go from an indifferent spectator to an involved participator. Betting on sports is so much more than just the dream of winning big – it’s the passion and belief each sports enthusiast and a fan has, that their team will leave the arena as winners or champions.

Looking back in history we can easily see how complex today's betting has become, where the ancient Greeks and Romans only betted between each other as spectators, on who will win or not, we today see the possibilities to bet on anything and at any time wherever you are in the world. Technology has brought the sports and betting world much closer to each other and with the increasing presence in Africa of international online betting sites African sports enthusiasts can finally enjoy all the advantages that come with being able to make sports bets online.

Today anyone with a smartphone can bet wherever they are and sports betting has become a profession for the devoted few, who don't easily want to give away their hard earned secrets. A  online sports betting culture has emerged in Africa, especially in countries such as Nigeria and Kenya, where sports predictions have become a lifestyle and with all the information and statistics that are just a couple of clicks away, it's not difficult to understand that bettors of today easily can predict the outcome of any sports events.

There are plenty of well-known sports betting models that can easily be copied, but these models are lacking some very important aspects that only a human possess - such as passion, devotion, patience and even gut feeling. Combine those with the easy accessibility to online sports betting on your smartphone and you are closer to become a betting expert in Africa.

At African Betting Guide, we rather share advice, based on our experience, on how you, all by yourself, can set up your own personal strategy to be able to predict sports outcome. One thing that sports bettor tend to forget is that sports betting, such as any other investment, takes time and patience. In this fast-paced world we live in today, people no longer have patience, they wanna win big now, rather than win smaller amount more often, which unfortunately more often than seldom leads to an empty pocket. So there you go, the first rule of today is patients - do not stress, do not make stupid mistakes. Always take your time to find the right event and market to bet on.

Let us have a look and some of the most important aspects to keep in mind to be able to predict sports outcomes.

Decide which sports you going to bet on - and stick with it.

People who bet tend to easily get carried away, especially during winning or losing streaks, and they start betting on sports they don't know much about. If you are a dedicated football fan, the chances of you being able to predict the outcome of a game are already much higher - since you, in your subconscious, been gathering information and statistics throughout the years. If you can't passionately discuss a sport or a sports team from your heart, we believe you must start looking for something that ignites that spark now, before you start throwing away your money.

To make it clear, we will be focusing on football and football predictions in this guide. However, these guidelines can be adjusted and applied to almost any team sports there is.´

Decide which market to bet on - And stick with that

Deciding which markets you going to focus on can be a bit tricky, but our betting experts at African Betting Guide has always followed the main path, which is believed to be the foundation of a successful bettor - and it is, sticks to what you know until you learn more. Examples of markets that are suitable for your own betting strategy is:
- Win/Draw/Win
- Over/Under
- Final result
- Corners

Find reliable sources for your statistics

Without reliable sources of information and statistics, it won't be easy to starts predicting the outcome of various sports events. There are plenty of websites dedicated to providing sports enthusiasts and bettors with all information they can find between heaven and earth. At African Betting Guide we source our information from various sites and platforms, but luckily there is one site that we recommend highly to our visitors called FootyStats. Their free option has more than enough information and statistics that one can ask for, but for the more in-depth statistics seekers, they also offer a premium version.

Analyze your statistics and other crucial factors

How does it look in the League Table?
Depending on the type of game you which to predict, start by look at the league table to see the team's current positions and from there try to understand the reason behind it. Always ask yourself ‘why’, never take anything for granted, since the smallest thing can have the biggest impact on a teams current position in the league.

How are the team's forms lately?
One most important part is to take a closer look at the teams recent and current forms by looking at their last five games played. Why have they lost? Why have they won? Why so many drawn games? Teams can have lost the last five games, but you must find out why, since anything can have been affecting a team's weak form and the upcoming game could be the resurrection. There are plenty of questions you must ask yourself and if you haven't been keeping notes since we all must start somewhere, this is a good time for you to start.

How have previous games between the teams looked like?
When we at it, you better jump onto the next important prediction train and start looking at the last meetings between the two teams, taking into consideration home/away advantage. Some strong teams, that might feel like a safe bet, at first sight, might often lose to one specific weaker team, and been doing so throughout history It's very important to never overlook crucial aspect like that just because that's how it ‘should be’. Some teams might play extremely well in their own league, but against teams from other countries they struggle and this is something we see quite often, especially when comparing the more physical teams in the English Premier league with the more technical Italian teams in Serie A.

Who is going to referee the game?
Believe it or not, but the referee has a huge impact on a games final result. One referee can be extremely strict, while another is more likely to let rough incidents in a game slide. Therefore, to be able to predict the outcome of a game, it's highly important to look closer at a referees record between the teams and the records for a specific team the referee been involved in.

What weather are we expecting?
The weather also has a huge impact on the outcome of a game. Just imagine how it would be for a team as FC Barcelona to be playing in 30 degrees on them and then 3 days later be playing in ice-cold Russia? It's draining both mentally and physically for even the most experienced and professional football players. Besides this obvious fact, the weather does play a huge role generally looking at performance, so always look at how teams been playing in rainy weather compared to sunny since managers tend to adjust their tactics according to weather conditions and sometimes this doesn't play well with what the team might be used with.

Are all the players available in the teams?
Never take for granted that a team's strongest players are starting. Sickness could happen overnight, injuries can strike at any time and maybe the teams best players got banned due to too many yellow cards? Make sure to double check this and the lineup until just a couple hours before the game

Who are the managers of the teams?
Lastly, even though its a game between players, the manager's experience, and knowledge play an even more important role that some might believe. Everything from their tactical knowledge, their influential skills and how they presence affect the dressing room atmosphere is to be taking into account. Managing a team full of superstars is something not many of us will ever experience, which is fully understandable since you must give 120% each and every day to get their respect, the respect from the fans and make sure your team provides the expected outcome.

Let us wrap this up

African Betting Guide has now shared and touched on some of the most important variables on how to be able to predict the outcome of a sports event. Obviously, there are much more to it then what we have brought up here today, but we truly believe that with these guidelines you will be able to increase your chances of predicting the result of your favorite games in the future. Remember that it takes time to optimize your own personal betting strategy, but with time comes experience and knowledge - have patience, take notes, always be hungry for more and we promise you that you will be one step closer to joining the chosen few bettors who call this their job.

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