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Posted by Madison on July 22nd, 2018

Instagram launched in October 2010, this platform has done many things but most important is that they maintained an extraordinary rate of growth. They managed to position the platform as one of the main social networks of the entire web. With its more than one billion active users per month (yes, more than Twitter), the question about Instagram is no longer about whether it's a fad or if it's here to stay, but about how we can take advantage of this giant.

But how to do it?

The objective of creating an audience is to build relationships in which the brand contributes value to the followers so that, at a certain moment, they can become customers. None of this is possible with a ghost audience that only serves to increase the number of followers, a metric that by itself does not mean anything. 10 followers that buy your product or pay for your service are better than 1,000 that only exist in your follower’s counter.

For that reason; if it is not a real or sincere audience, it is not worth having it.

Now, how to do it?

The process to achieve the profit from your audience on Instagram is not more than the application of the basic principles of Inbound Marketing to social media (with some very slight variations). The sequence of the process would be something like this:

  • Attract visitors
  • Turn them into followers
  • Monetize your audience
  • Delight them to promote your brand

Now let’s have a look in detail.

1. Attract visitors

No matter how good the content you post in your account, if nobody sees it, it will not help.

In that sense, there are several ways in which you can attract glances towards a new Instagram account. The main ones are

a) Hashtags

Adding hashtags to your posts.

b) Likes

Giving likes to other users' photos is a very effective way to get attention from them.

c) Comments

The chances of receiving an interaction in response after commenting on a publication are much greater than when giving a like.

d) Follow

Following the people, you want to follow you not only attracts visits to your profile, but also causes many of those who see your profile to follow you back.

2. Convert your visitors into followers

It's one thing to get your target audience to enter your profile and quite another to get them to click the "follow" button.

In order to capitalize the views of your profile in Instagram you must take into account one - and only one - thing: design.

3. Monetize your audience

Monetizing your audience on Instagram is not an easy job. Especially due to the fact that this platform is very conservative regarding the use of links. They allow you a single link located in the biography. No clickable links in the content (Unless you're paying for advertising). So, what can be done in this case? Be strategic.

4. Delight them to promote your brand

In most cases, people enter social networks to interact with others (be they brands or physical persons), and that is exactly what they hope to be able to do. No one enters Instagram just to " enjoy " the sales announcements published by the brands that follow. In fact, this type of publication is the main reason why people stop following brands on networks.

So, how do you avoid falling into the blacklist of your audience and avoid being hated? Get on the other side.

Ask yourself: If I were on the other side of the screen, would I like to receive this content? Would I feel good about the frequency of publications? Would receiving this give me any value? Through this simple exercise, you will learn to avoid the most common mistakes of brands in the management of their Instagram accounts.

Now, you’ve learned how to increase the followers and run the Instagram account. But this is not very simple as it seems to be. There are many problems which you’ll have to face there especially to gain more targeted followers. You can use this Instagram growth service to grow your account. I’ve used it for a couple of my account and results were awesome.

It's time to leave. Have a great day and enjoy Instagram.

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