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Syringe assembly machines and needle assembly machines

Posted by jagdeep0 on July 24th, 2018

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of continuous rotary, linear assembly, continuous motion, indexing systems for accommodation of various types of syringe designs such as a syringe with passive or automatic safety features, standard design, specialty syringe or an autodestruct. This equipment can be designed to assemble and inspect the final product at output rates more than 1000 parts per minute.Bowl and hopper feed syringe plungers through an inline track to a dead track from where they are picked and placed 2 up into a double nest on a 24 position indexed dial plate. Bowl and hopper feed, and 2 up places lower and upper O-rings on plungers. Bowl and hopper feeds, and lubricates the inside of 2 up syringe barrels, and places the syringe barrels on plungers. Bowl and hopper feed needle-in-hubs and 2 up places needles on barrels. Bowl and hopper feed and 2 up places vented caps on needle-in-hubs and rejected parts are offloaded into a chute. Good parts are offloaded into a track system for conveyance to a bagging machine.Syringe assembly machine is controlled using a solid state programmable controller that operates the sequence using an easily accessible control panel including emergency stop, automatic, main power, individual operation, manual controls.Construction includes heavy duty welded and powder coated tubular frame with adjustable levelers. Finishes and materials are suitable for the work environment and this machine is designed to enable the operator complete visual contact with all the components being processed and also gives easy access for routine maintenance.Needle assembly machinesAssembly machines are designed and manufactured of bespoke production line equipment, assembly stations and semi- full automated production lines. The needle assembly machines are made available in various configurations as per the product design and assembly requirements. The precision systems can assemble as much as 50 needles simultaneously for outputs more than 1600 parts per minute. The needle feeding and orientation technology can handle needle sizes to required gauge without any damage to the needle.

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