How is the FUT Hair Transplant different from FUE

Posted by mukul97 on July 24th, 2018

There are two scientifically proven techniques apply in the hair transplant procedure, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE. The FUT hair transplant is one of the best and worldwide traditional method to extract the graft via the strip excision process, whereas the FUE involves the dynamic punching process that may go wrong in most of the cases. As we all know, that the FUT method is mainly focuses on the safe donor hair root extraction that assures you about the permanent outcome of the procedure. Therefore, the surgeon prefers the choice of strip harvesting rather than the FUE in hair transplant in Dubai treatment.

How to differentiate between FUT & FUE Hair Transplant is described below:

  • The Process of Graft Extraction: The process of extraction is a major deciding factor for the procedural success in terms of offering the desired number of grafts.

FUT: The FUT or follicular unit transplant involves the strip of the skin that only excised from the backside of the scalp. The strip is sent to the laboratory where the follicular unit/graft is separated from their connective tissues. The FUT gives a higher number of hair root/graft in a single session that automatically saves the time, energy, and money with the plus benefit of receiving the dense-packed hair transplant results.

FUE: The FUE follows the random punching process that extracts the hair roots one-by-one aided with the job of the punching tools. Since the FUE is randomly extracted it deviates from the original hair root angle and direction, results in giving the lesser number graft affect the extraction outcomes predominantly.

  • The Target zone for the Extraction: The scalp area from where the graft is excised has a pivotal role in the procedural success as it assures you about the permanent hair roots that never fall out.


FUT: The extraction of hair roots only done from the safe donor part of the scalp, i.e., the back and sides of the scalp that are genetically destined to remain permanent. However, the result given by the strip technique remains forever on the scalp.

FUE: The multiple dynamic punches limit the extraction space that automatically affects the graft outcomes and thus a surgeon is obliged to target the unsafe areas too. The extraction of graft from unsafe zone gives you the hair roots that may fall out over time and the permanent result of the procedure can be compromised.

  • The strength of the Graft Extraction: The outcome received in the hair transplant procedure is all about the number of graft that is extracted in a particular session, whether the technique is FUT or FUE.

FUT:The FUT hair transplant makes the possibility of achieving the expected number of grafts as the strip of the skin contains a number of follicular units that can be collected in a single session followed by the microscopic dissection. However, the strength of graft extraction with FUT is higher in comparison to the FUE.

FUE: There is the least probability of achieving the mega number of grafts as the dynamic punch needs an aesthetic distance to the next punching and so the receiving number of grafts would be affected dramatically.

So, it is better to consult with the hair transplant surgeon if you are experiencing the hair loss issue severely and needs the surgical option in order to get the permanent outcome of the hair transplant procedure with utmost aesthetic effect.

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