Answering the Question - Is it Possible to Grow Longer mink lashes?

Posted by ulrch on July 25th, 2018

There is a lot of discussion in beauty salons today about how to grow longer mink lashes.(When you want to learn more about 3d mink lash extensions, you should to see to this:mink lashes wholesale). In this article I will address that question, what is the best method. I will also touch on another common question, do they grow back if they fall out from being damaged or pulled out when false mink lashes are removed.

Since the dawn of time it seems that women have always been seeking ways to improve upon their appearance. As a result the cosmetics industry has turned into a multi-billion a year business, in the U.S. alone it accounts for almost 0 billion in annual sales. For women the #1 segment of the industry is lipstick followed by cosmetics for the eye. But since 2004, eye cosmetics is the fastest growing segment increasing by 38% as opposed to 11% for the rest of the industry. So it goes without saying that today the eyes have it when it comes to beauty trends. And a huge part of that is with the treatment of mink lashes.

From mascara to false mink lashes, extensions to eyelash conditioners, women definitely want the look of longer, thicker, and darker mink lashes.. It accents the look of the eye to have long mink lashes bringing a look of glamour. Lately the trend is moving towards methods of growing natural mink lashes to achieve this look as opposed to the artificial ways.(For more information about 3d mink lashes to visit we website [anrlashes])

First to answer the question of growth, yes mink lashes do grow. An eyelash that falls out will also grow back, it will take about 8 weeks to return. The problem most women have is that their natural mink lashes do not grow out long and glamorous or they are brittle and break or fall out easily. This problem is actually made worse by the artificial treatments. In an effort to have the look of longer mink lashes, women are actually stunting the growth of their natural ones. This is where the new trend in naturally growing longer mink lashes comes in. With the advances in cosmetic science today, women are actually able to use products that will help them to grow long beautiful mink lashes. This will help them to stop using the products that are harmful to the growth of their natural lashes.

There are a couple different types of eyelash growth products available today. Those available by prescription, and those that are not. The product that is available by prescription is called Latisse, it's a drug that is used in the treatment of glaucoma. It is applied twice per day and can help the mink lashes to grow longer after about 16 weeks of treatments. There have been reported that numerous side effects are possible with use.

Eyelash conditioners, sometimes referred to eyelash enhancers, are a product that is available without prescription. This fact alone would lead to its huge rise in popularity today, but the fact that they are extremely effective is the cause for their rapid rise as the choice product for eyelash growth. Made from a blend of all natural products, these products just like their name states, are a hair conditioner specifically for the mink lashes.

Composed mainly of moisturizers and minerals, they achieve remarkable results in as little as 4 weeks without any adverse side effects. In fact one company called Idol Lash has a report on their website that shows their study and proof that an 82% increase in eyelash density is possible in 4 weeks. Their evidence also shows the 15 participants, aged 18 to 82, had an increase in growth of 25% after 2 weeks of applying the Idol Lash product.

Due to these results, Idol Lash has been flooded with orders for their proven growth product they call an eyelash enhancer. Testimonies from women all over the world have been pouring in with positive results. In fact right now they are spreading the word even more about their excellent product.

Currently Idol Lash is running a promotion where you can take part in a Free Package  offer in return for your testimony after achieving results. You can find the link for the limited time offer by clicking HERE . You can also read some of the newest testimonies from women who have been using Idol Lash for a least 2 months.

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Sandra Henderson is a writer, and business owner in Seattle WA.(For more information about wholesale mink lashes visit our website today!) She loves to write about the latest trends in the health and beauty industry.

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