The countries with the largest shipments of Foreign Remittances

Posted by Madison on July 25th, 2018

Remittances are the funds that migrants send to their country of origin. This type of operations is very common throughout the world since they are constantly making different economic transactions not only within a country or a continent, but the money travels from end to end of the world in the blink of an eye. In this post, I am going to share some interesting facts about the countries that send more foreign remittance and receive.

The country that sends the most remittances

The country that sends the most remittances is the United States. We all know that the USA, It has a large population density, within which there is a high rate of foreigners, most of them Mexican, Chinese and Indians. The next two countries that send the most remittances worldwide are Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates. In both cases, they also have high numbers of foreigners who come to these places to work and decide to send part of their monthly earnings to their destinations of origin.

The country that receives the most remittances

With this data, we can assume that India will be the country with the largest remittances received worldwide. Then we find that China also has a high level of remittances received, this can be attributed to the great density of this country and its distribution throughout the country.

The main countries receiving remittances are, as we said earlier, India, with a large presence in the three countries with the highest immigration, China, the Philippines, and Mexico. Looking carefully, we can appreciate how China, India, and Mexico are the countries with the most immigrants. and they are precisely the countries that receive the most remittances.

The country that receives the little or no remittances

On the other hand, if we look at the countries with the lowest remittances, we will observe that there are countries with very little progress and with worse conditions such as labor and economic conditions. This is the case of Tuvalu, Somalia or Lesotho. Perhaps of these three countries we only know Somalia and maybe it is because of the proximity and its great density of population with about 10 million inhabitants. Since the other two countries such as Tuvalu only has 11,800 inhabitants and in the case of nearby Lesotho to 2.5 million inhabitants.

It is also relevant to know which countries have more immigrants within their population in order to relate remittances with immigration. 

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