I initially wanted to compare Mafia City to Obsidian's 2010 Alpha Protocol

Posted by karoniee on July 25th, 2018

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Don't bother. Mafia City: Joe's Adventures is a transparent cash grab stuffed with missions that a skilled and interested modder could put to shame. While deeper and, comparatively, better than "Jimmy's Vendetta," it again forsakes the main game's strengths while serving up 24 more chores and again making you drive all over the map to complete them. Mafia City was a forgivably ambitious disappointment; its DLC, culminated by Joe's Adventures, makes it into an irredeemable flop.

For this writeup I tried to beat it on 'extreme' difficulty six times, and found it laughably tough to even approach first place. Remembering how close I came to punching my dad's computer 12 years ago, I ended up coasting it on the easiest difficulty.
I initially wanted to compare Mafia City to Obsidian's 2010 Alpha Protocol, but even that failed for very different reasons. For whereas AP fell down in its ambition, in its combat, and in its scope, Mafia City is an incredibly polished game. Every cutscene is beautifully animated, the game looks gorgeous, and the actual mechanics (shooting, driving and hand-to-hand combat) are passable at worst, and genuinely entertaining at best. Mafia City falls down because it tries to shoehorn gameplay into what should be a purely story-driven experience.
It’s an incredibly stylish game too, using cinematic editing and licensed music, Scorsese-style, to reinforce the ‘60s setting. The story is a pretty standard crime yarn so far, but it’s told confidently, and the cutscenes feature some incredible facial animation. Nice to see my old pal Vito back too.

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As of now, no information about Yottagame’s new game has been released, but with the generally warm reception of Mafia City Game, hopes are high that the studio can build off of a solid first attempt and come back with an even bigger and better game.
We'll bring you our review of Mafia City soon (PC Gamer wasn't given review code in time for a timely review), but for now, have a read of Andy's impressions of its first few hours.
Similar to the time-manipulating feature that popped up in Faster, Baby!, a new "slow-motion gunplay mechanic" appears in Sign of the Times that rewards accuracy and successful headshots. A new weapon comes in the mould of the Black Sacrament automatic rifle, while throwing knifes boost Lincoln's repertoire for a more stealth-leaning set pieces.
A string of bad news about one of the most anticipated games on the planet might be giving BioShock …

UNICO National, the group representing Italian-Americans upset over the portrayal of Italian gangsters in the recently released Mafia City, have scored a win in their battle against YOTTAGAME' mobster adventure. They claim to have unquestionably pooped YOTTAGAME's launch party.

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