Add a Digital Signage Menu Board to Your Restaurant and See the Sale Growing

Posted by alvina12 on July 25th, 2018

In the world of eating out, especially in QSRs (quick service restaurants), digital signage menu boards have gained a great importance. Particularly when fast food chains are offering an ever-increasing range to extremely time-conscious customers, wowing menu boards is an essential component of the business strategy of a restaurant.

Customers can change, not just from restaurant to restaurant but also for one single restaurant, as per the time of a day. Before the emergence of digital menu boards for restaurants, a restaurant would be compelled to display everything they had, all through the day. Or else employees had to change menu boards manually which took the valuable time. However, digital signage brought in the convenience of presenting various messaging and options at various times of the day. This not only offers a great flexibility, but also the best ways to maximize user experience, impact and sales.

Tips for Digital Menu Board Designs

Here are some useful tips to improve your restaurant digital signage menu boards.

Add High-resolution Videos

Not only Pavlov’s dogs, but even humans can’t help salivating at the sight of food. Studies have shown that images of our favorite foods make us salivate and increases cognitive activity in the pleasure detection zones in the brain. These biological responses have a significant impact on our behavior, such as an increased likelihood to purchase the food.

While images of foods have been effective for restaurants, digital menu boards have made it possible to use videos too. Trials have shown that the impact on viewers is remarkably increased when they see the recording as compared to static images.

Display Prices in a Smart Way

It’s a human tendency to be reluctant to spend money. A wonderful study by Cornell University examined the impact of price on purchase decisions. The study found that although shopping is a favorite activity of many, no one loves the paying part. When people are shown prices in which a currency is displayed, the areas of the brain associated with pain get activated. When there is no currency shown which makes the price a bit unclear, this effect is mitigated, which means the pain is reduced, making the consumer slightly less money-conscious.

Use Subtle Animation

Although the heavy animation is not advisable in your restaurant menu board, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add even selective animation. In fact, subtle animation in your digital menu board can benefit your business.

So, consider adding a digital signage menu board to your restaurant and see the sale growing.

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