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What are Networking, its types and components?

Posted by sharmidevi on July 25th, 2018

Networking which is also known as computer networking is a practice of exchanging and transporting between nodes for a shared medium information system. It comprises only design, use and construction of the network and for also maintenance, management and operation of the infrastructure, policies and software. Devices and endpoints are connected with each other on a LAN which is enabled by computer networking to be a large network like WAN or internet. CCNA Course in Chennai will bring you with all types of examples with live projects under our experts.

It is an essential function for businesses, providers and consumers across the world for shared resources, communication and services offered. This stage of skill is required for operating a network directly with correlates to the network given. This article will explain you about what is networking, its types and components. On the hand of the spectrum, a person may be set for performing the entire basic troubleshooting home or Wi-Fi network manually.

Networking Types

The networking is considered two primary types which include: wireless networking and wired networking. All these are taught in detail in CCNA Training in Chennai.

Networking which requires radio waves for transporting over the air by enabling devices connected to a network without the help of a cable is known as wireless networking. The most known and widely deployed form of networking is seen in LAN (Local Area Network). This includes satellite, microwave, Bluetooth, cellular etc.

The transportation between nodes using a physical medium is wired networking. It is popularly known for its copper-based Ethernet cabling due to its lowest cost and durability. This is commonly used at homes and for business for digital communication. The optical fibre is used for transporting data over bigger distances at faster speeds having several tradeoffs which include more costs and more components fragile.

As a common rule, wired networking delivers at huge speed, security and reliability compared with wireless networks; which provide tend for more mobility, flexibility and scalability. This is concerned to be the physical layer of the network. Networking is otherwise classified on the basis of its design and structure which approaches software-defined network or over-layer networks. CCNA Training Institute in Chennai also can be structured as scale and environment such as campus, WAN, LAN, storage networks and data-centric networks.

Networking Components

For computer networks, the use of physical network infrastructure consists of routers, switches and wireless access points. The underlying firmware is made to operate such equipment and the other components include for managing, monitoring and securing of the networks. In addition to the networks, it relies on standard protocols for performing discrete functions or various types of data communication, regarding the hardware underlying.

The voice over IP is able to transfer the IP through telephonic traffic towards any endpoint supporting protocol. This is the best example for the components in networking. The internet protocol suite is also called as TCP/IP which is a family of protocols which are responsible for data transporting and services. Get along with the Best CCNA Institute in Chennai to enhance your skills.

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