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Posted by nidan narkhade on July 26th, 2018

Bread lovers simply love mayonnaise. It can used as a spread or even a thick sauce. It goes well in sandwiches as dressing. Also, mayonnaise is used in salads and as dips with chips and nachos. Mayonnaise can act as a constituent of various other sauces or dips. The ingredients usually making mayonnaise are oil, egg yolk and vinegar or lemon juice. Mayonnaise or simply mayo is such a big hit that companies are coming up with different varieties of flavours for it as well. But often people ask “is mayonnaise healthy?” If you are a mother looking for ways to cut down calories for your kid, then you might not want to use it very much since it contains about 90 calories. But no real harm can come from consuming mayo. Mothers are often worried about the things their kids eat and love and if it is something that is causing them harm, then mothers are extra worried because it’s hard to detach that favourite from the kids. But all mothers out there can rest assured. You do not need to snatch that bottle of mayonnaise form your kids. It does not create grave health issues. Also it is devoid of saturated fats which are a menace to the heart.

You have Nutralite mayonnaise now in the market. Nutralite Mayo comes fortified with Vitamins A, D and E. Also with Nutralite products you do not get carbohydrates, trans fats or even bad cholesterol. If anything it helps reducing all your bad cholesterol and helps you stay healthy and fit. It is probably the best mayonnaise brand in India. Of all the mayonnaise brands in India, Nutralite is the one making mayo extra healthy and extra tasty. In fact, Nutralite prepares mayonnaise without egg. Is that possible? Yes. In fact, eggless mayonnaise is trending pretty great right now. Coming up with eggless mayo has a number of commercial advantages. People allergic to eggs had aversion towards mayo, but with the advent of eggless mayo, they no more repel mayo. Also vegetarian people can now use mayo as a spread or a dip for breakfast, lunch and parties. So no mayo will appeal to literally everyone. Nutralite comes with three flavoured mayonnaise variants. These include - Veg Mayo, Mayo Achari and Mayo Cheesy Garlic. These are tasty, egg-free, very healthy and low fat. So have a hearty meal without worrying for your health.

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