The Top 10 Wedding Makeup Must Haves!

Posted by ulrch on July 26th, 2018

For some girls it's shoes, others love chocolate.(Check out the link to make sure you truly understand about How To find a good mink lashes wholesaler)


My BIGGEST addiction is makeup!

I just LOVE going to the makeup counters and looking at all the new products, having the artists create a new look for me when I'm going out with my girls on the town, or splurging (SHHH! Don't tell my hubby!)

But when it comes to makeup for your wedding it becomes quite intimidating!

You want to be a "vision in white" not, "pasty in white" or even worse... "trashy in white!"


Create a look that is going to make your hubby-to-be exclaim...VA VA VA VOOM!!!(For more information on 3d mink eyelash products helping you to grow your mink lashes business to visit [chaumetlashes] )

Here Are My Top 10 Makeup MUST HAVES For Your Wedding:

The Secret of the Stars... Mineral Makeup

Check out this genius product out at a Laura Mercier counter. Mineral makeup simply sweeps onto your face and gives you a fantastic natural glow (along with GREAT coverage!) It makes the skin look stunning because the minerals reflect light off the skin like millions of little mirrors. You'll look flawless in your wedding photos! This product is known for photographing very well.

Dramatic, Sultry, Ooo Laa Laa Lashes

It is so decadent to wear false mink lashes. When I was in the Miss Canadian Universe Pageant (YES, I was a pageant babe at one point in my life!) all the girls from around Canada just swore by false mink lashes! They made our eyes POP when we were on stage. They will do the same for you! (And it won't cost you an arm and a leg) Cosmetics website E.L.F (Eyes.Lips.Face. Cosmetics) has their Dramatic Lash Kit on sale for only !! (When applying these make sure the center of the lash is right at your pupil)

Bring On the Babelicious Bronzer

It would be horrifying to hear that your guests were calling you "Casper, the friendly ghost bride" at your wedding! We all need a little help in the pigment department sometimes (at least you do if you're as fair skinned as I am!). I suggest that you start experimenting with a bronzer so you know what works for you BEFORE the wedding! You've all seen starlets like Jessica Simpson and Charlize Theron go self tanner crazy before a red carpet event. You don't want to be an ORANGE bride!! Bronzer is a nice (non-permanent) way to give you a great bridal glow. Try E.L.F's Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder for only a !

Luscious Red Lips

Your perfect pout should have a tinge of red this season. It was THE HOT COLOR at New York Fashion Week! And think of the contrast with your white bridal gown... WOW! You will be stunning. But let me warn you to PROCEED WITH CAUTION! Red lipstick is SCARY! It's the stuff you snuck out of your Mom's makeup bag and went crazy with when you were 5! (You probably remember her scrubbing it off you!) There are sooo many shades of red that you really want to get it right when it comes to your wedding look. This is definitely a reason to visit the beauty department for a color test!

Coverage for All Your Little Stresses

Sorry to tell you this sweetie but you'll probably be stressed out right before your wedding. The worst part? It might start to show on your skin! Now that would be a real shame. That's why you should invest in the cover up the pros use (me included!). It's Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage concealer. I'm not the only one who believes in the magic of this concealer, it was featured in the Fall 2007 edition of InStyle Weddings. That means another visit to the makeup counter to pick up this little gem... oh darn!

Protection from the Hot Hot Sun

You can only hope that the gorgeous sunshine is a guest on your wedding day. But when you're outside smiling for the cameras you need to make sure that you are protected against its harmful rays. Walking into your reception radiating instead of radiant is not the look you're going for. Becoming a blotchy, sun burnt bride is totally avoidable! I just love Kiehls Vital Sun Protection Lotion in SPF 15, 30 or even 40!

Plump, Kissable Lips

So you're going for the sultry siren lips with the perfect shade of rouge. But you want your lips to be EXTRA kissable on your wedding day. Try a lip plumper! I had one of my girlfriends try mine the other day after we had lunch and she actually called me an hour later wanting to know what it was called and where I got it! Well, I'm going to tell you... It's LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plump. It's the only lip plumper that puts actual collagen into your lips... with NO NEEDLES! It doesn't sting or burn. Tons of Hollywood celebs (like Desperate Housewives' Marcia Cross, One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush and Gossip Girl's Blake Lively) are jumping on the Lip Fusion bandwagon. You can too!!

Dewy Fresh Cheeks

I was on the hunt for a new blush the other day and I visited the Bobbi Brown counter and discovered her award winning Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks. It was featured in the September 2007 editions of both Marie Claire and Allure magazines. It's a cream-based formula that you dot on your cheeks for a sheer, stained finish. I just love how soft and feminine you look when you put it on.

Magical Metallics

Something else I discovered at Bobbi Brown is her new line of Metallic eye shadows. In the picture I have displayed the model is wearing the limited edition Midnight Metallics. These palettes feature a NEW line of velvety, shimmering shadows. Each palette has three shadows in them. When combined they certainly ignite to make your eyes sparkle! You Shimmer on the Dance Floor - I think it is damn sexy to add a little shimmer to your décolleté (that's the neckline of your dress that exposes "the girls"). Don't go CRAZY though!! You want to be classy NOT trashy. (Evil looks from your Mother-In- Law can be saved for AFTER the wedding day!) But it is perfectly acceptable to add a little shine to your exposed skin... especially once the lights dim and the reception gets underway. I'll bet he can hardly wait to get the honeymoon started! Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick Compactsts are perfect for giving your skin an elegant moon kissed glow.

WOW Ladies! I can't believe I just shared my Top 10 Bridal Beauty Secrets with you!


Ciara's Bridal Advice

You want that fresh bridal glow for your wedding day. Invest in some great makeup to practice your look even if you plan on having a professional help you on your big day. It is great to know what works for you and what doesn't so that you can achieve the look that YOU desire on your wedding day.

Ciara Daykin is Calgary's premiere Wedding Choreographer. Brides wanting a dazzling, dashing, dream-filled wedding turn to Ciara for all their wedding planning needs. (Check our website for the full version of our all 100 styles of 3d mink lashes)

Ciara is a proud member of the Association of Bridal Consultants.

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