3 Reasons Why You Must Consider Studying Abroad

Posted by thebyteguy on July 26th, 2018

Until a few years ago, studying abroad was considered to be a far-fetched dream for many students. Select students, usually from metropolitan cities, knew about the opportunities available to pursue higher studies in a foreign country. Since internet was also not accessible to many students, especially in small cities and towns, they did not know how to apply to foreign universities or even the opportunities for studies available. Financing the education was also a challenge since information on scholarships was not readily available. Everything has changed ever since internet penetrated deeper into the smaller cities in India.

This is the best time to consider studying abroad and the best part is that you can easily avail career counselling services to find a course best suited for you. If you are still on the fence about pursuing your education within the country or abroad, here are 3 reasons to help you make up your mind in favour of studying abroad:

#1 Experience a New Culture: Irrespective of the course you choose and the country you go to, you will get to experience a new culture. It will help you see the world in a new way. You can also spend your holidays and weekends exploring the new country whether you like to see new terrains, museums, landmarks or sites. You can also visit the neighbouring countries with your friends.

#2 New Education Systems: Different countries have their own education system with some of them focusing more on practical knowledge and application of concepts than theoretical knowledge. You will enjoy learning in a new environment. Certain countries also have a specialisation in certain streams and you can choose the country to pursue your higher studies and the university based on the level of expertise they offer.

#3 Better Career Opportunities: You may not know that there is a lot of demand for students that have studied abroad. Studying abroad can make you a desirable candidate in the eyes of your future employers especially if you also possess a special skill or know a foreign language. If you do really well during your degree, you may get research or job opportunities abroad as well. The important thing is to put your heart and soul into your course so that you complete it with flying colours.

Only a career counsellor can help you find the right course to study abroad since he will be able to test your aptitude and find out your true interests. Spend some time in doing your research to find the best career counsellor in your city. Set up an appointment and prepare your questions for the appointment in advance to make the best of this opportunity.

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