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Posted by Zeel Solutions on July 26th, 2018

Any big company, that wants to have high productivity level, should keep track of the hours employees spend working. For doing that job you don't have to use pen and paper any more. Electronic timesheet software makes it extremely easy to keep track of all employee's working hours, including day offs, holidays and overtimes. Because the system is completely automictic, HR manager or other responsible body do not have to spend hours counting and summing working hours of hundreds of employees.  

Electronic timesheets are flexible and customizable

If you want an electronic timesheet software to fit your existing office system, there are some options available for you available on the market. Changing your back office system and computer programs to fit electronic timesheet software can cause a lot of problems and delays. So it is better if you choose a system with a high flexibility level. Timesheets should be customizable, as every company or a firm has different needs and priorities. If you don’t choose customizable electronic timesheets you will have to do all changes manually. This takes a lot of time and energy.

Electronic Timesheets Are Used To Approve Costs

You can use electronic timesheet software to help you to create invoices. It is easy to count what amount of money you should pay your employees according to hours they spent working. Many big companies already pay almost all their employees per hour, so knowing exact amount of working hours is essential. when a timesheet is approved it automatically generates on an invoice. Invoices are checked by both managers and employees.

Electronic Timesheets Can Be Used For Improving Productivity

Electronic timesheets are saved in separate database. You can create statistic information about your employees. Using this information you will be able to see the bigger picture and understand what problems your employees have.  Most electronic timesheets are the part of time-tracking software. Because of that it is possible to get useful data about each employee's productivity level.

Electronic timesheets are safer than paper-based timesheets. Company manager can lose printed documents. To avoid unfortunate incidents electronic timesheets software saves papers safely. Employees does not have an access to their timesheets to check hours, only authorized body can see them. When employees change data on their timesheet, manager or authorized body can see when changes were made and who made them. Company manager can also see which employees have submitted their timesheets on time. Some timesheets have a function to automatically send reminders to the employees who forgot to submit their timesheet on time.

When you need to keep track of working hours and assess your employee’s productivity level it is important to save both time and energy. Electronic timesheet software is the most accurate and reliable option to do this important ob.

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