Travel like a pro: Top 5 Luxury Travel Accessories worth the Money

Posted by Think on July 26th, 2018

They say “collect moments, not things”, but collecting moments and things could be a more interesting. Today’s generation loves traveling, going on an adventurous trip, exploring different culture. Gone are those days when only news reporter or journalists were into exploring things. Younger generations are driven by itchy feet and a restless soul. Along with travelling they try to stay trendy with flash chic gadgets.

One thing that is frustrating about travelling is packing, especially the last-minute packing frenzy. To make your travel enjoyable we have come up with some important travel tips. Place your boarding pass and travel documents in travel wallet so that you don’t have to worry at the airport. On flight, arm yourself with noise-cancelling headphones, cozy fleece hoodie and light snacks. However apart from these things there are few travel accessories that can make your travel memorable and peaceful.

Here are top 5 luxury travel accessories that are actually worth your money.

Compressed towels

Towels cover up lots of space in your backpack. The alternate of the bulky ones can be the reusable compressed towels ideal for week long excursion, weekend trips, picnic etc. These towels are feather soft and are tailor-made for traveling. You just need to soak the towel in a bowl and in few minutes it will take the shape of a regular towel. With these little coin-sized towels you are ready to fly.

Travel steam iron

Travel with the smallest steam iron to answer your wrinkled clothes. Its light-weight and compact size makes it an ideal travel accessory. For tightly packed luggage this small steam iron can add advantage to your clothes.

Solar backpack

Solar backpack is the trending travel accessory as it comes with an upgraded battery that can fully charge any Smartphone up-to 6 times. The inbuilt USB tri-cord ensures smooth functionality. It is water-resistant and comes with a 2-litre capacity water bladder.

 Illuminating belt

For adventurous trip, camping, night excursions, a hand-free illuminating belt is an ideal choice. Just tie the strap to your waist and lighten up your path. Hand free LED belt allow you to use your hand for other activities. 

Luggage Tracker

Never lose the track of your luggage. While travelling lost luggage is another most frustrating thing. But with GPS luggage tracker you can explore new places without worrying about your luggage. With luggage tracker app track your luggage from your mobile app. The luggage locator is inbuilt with ultra-long standby battery, illegal removal alarm and 3D G sensor. Even if the tracker is placed deep inside your luggage still you get accurate location of your luggage. It is suitable for all sorts of luggage, baggage, handbags, briefcase etc. With this travel accessory no more lost luggage. 

Travel stress-free with these five luxury travel accessory which goes by all sort of journey.

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