Spring 2009 Makeup Trends

Posted by ulrch on July 27th, 2018

Well, spring is almost here. As the winter clothes come off, a new you waits to burst forth. No one wants to greet the warmer weather unless they look their best. You can put your best face and foot forward with this forecast for the spring 2009 makeup season.(What a pretty girl ,if you wear double silk lashes in your eyes to meet more choice here silk lashes wholesale)

What is the best feature on your face? Could it be your eyes? If it is then make those eyes pop. The smoky look is back. Wear it to work and also for a night out on the town. The dark eye shadows and liners give eyes that mysterious look that men can always appreciate.

How do you get that smoky look? Apply a dark eye liner to the top and bottom of your eyelids along the lash line. Use a more subtle color like gold, lilac, or silver on the upper lid. Blend the shadow and the liner together to create that smudged smoky look.

To complement that smoke, add some false mink lashes. Yes, falsies are back. For a less scary look, apply them so the longer lashes are on the outer eye.

During the day, tone down the look by keeping your other features soft and natural. For this effect, use mineral makeup foundation and blush. Natural mineral makeup is designed to complement and blend into your skin as it warms up. The eyes will still "have it" but the rest of your face will reflect flawless beauty.

Mineral makeup comes in a variety of colors for eyes, cheeks and foundation. Before putting on any makeup, it is best to prep the face with a foundation. Mineral foundations are light and hide fine lines and wrinkles. The trend for blush is warm pinkish tones that complement the skin. With mineral blush, you can find a tone to bring out the warm highlights in any skin tone.

Don't be afraid to go for the shimmer. Get that sun kissed look without too much sun using crèmes that add a sparkle to your skin. Eye color that dazzles is also okay.

What about those lips? The trend has always been to go for bold and that meant the blood red look. This season, make a statement with a more kissable look enhanced with shades of peach and pink. Don't forget to line your lips in the same shade as your lip color. The days of dark lip liner paired with red lips are long gone.

When you create that softer look to your lips, don't forget to keep the eyes soft as well. Choose a lilac shade for the eyes and one coat of mascara. On this face, your lips are the center of attention.

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If you are a daring person, go for some color. Dull skin can be livened up with a racy shade of red on the lips. To complement this red and give a pouty yet provocative look, use cheek bronzer just under the cheekbone. Sweep from the cheek outwards to complete the look.

Throw off that winter face with darker metallic tones and go for pretty but simple. This spring you can add some color while keeping the natural look to your face.(click here http://www.ivoirelashes.com to see more what 3d mink lashes you prefer wanna learn )

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