Tips to Enhance Search Criteria on Web Browsers

Posted by jerry smith on July 27th, 2018

Browsers are great web applications that are used for accessing internet and use World Wide Web for several purposes. Whether to visit a website or use multimedia programs, web browsers can be utilized for several online activities.  These essential application have become very fast, customized and offer great utilities to speed up browsing. Here some commonly used browsers for both mobile and desktops:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Safari

  • Internet Explorer

  • Opera

  • Microsoft Edge

In addition, all these web applications have their own browser technical support to help users download and install them flexibly. Online users mostly utilize these web browsers for searching and to do that they enter some specific phrases. However, they can refine their search processes in better ways. Here are some beneficial tips through which users can enhance their search criteria on search engines:

  • Apply specific phrases or terms

While searching for some information on the internet using browsers, you can insert main terms for which you want to find the data or information. For instance, if you want information about aquatic animals and you use the term only animals then search engine will show every category of animals. Therefore, you can use full and exact term to get most relevant information instantly.

  • Use quotations to get exact answers

Another great idea to get exactly what you trying to search is using quotations for the whole phrase. Browser will take the whole phrase as a single-term element and give all the results which have exactly the same phrase you entered.

For instance, if you enter black cats and white dogs then the browser will look out for whole phrase as well as each word separately. Whereas browser will search for the whole phrase as a single term if used with quotations like “black cats and white dogs”.

  • Avoid punctuations and common words

Browsers don’t take punctuations like ‘the’ and ‘a’ into their search criteria as they are usually avoided. However, they can be used in quotations with other words so that the whole sentence will be considered as a single entity.

Moreover, there are some cases when some word with and without punctuations return different results. For instance, people and ‘The people’ will give separate results as their meanings are quite different.

  • Don’t use suffixes

While searching for a particular subject or object on the browsers, make sure to avoid suffixes. If you include them with the phrases you enter, some pages might be excluded from the search results. For instance, use bottle instead of bottles, and type instead of typed so that you will get all the relevant results.

  • Utilize browser history

Sometimes, you apply similar search everyday or access some sites regularly and everyday you have to enter the same thing again and again to search them, which can be waste of time. Instead, you can use browser history to get what you regularly access.

Just go to the Option section of the browser and choose history, a new tab will open for you to choose mostly accessed sites or search results.

There are many beneficial uses of these essential application but users don’t know all of them. However they can as experts through web browser technical support and get more knowledge about efficient browsing. This essential guide is specially made for the users who utilize browser regularly for various purposes and want to enhance their searching experience.

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