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Being able to recover from the Google Panda and Penguin update is not an easy task and if your website or webpage has lost its ranking due to either of these change in algorithms then you immediately need to know what the matter is and take immediate steps in order to get the rank back to your website accordingly.

The Google Panda Update:

This update is also known as the Farmer Algorithm Update. Google Panda Recovery Services
is not simply an update where excessive linking from low-quality web pages and websites are sorted out and kept aside, as said by most of the people. It does more than just sorting out low-quality web pages and thus there might be lots of problems which might ultimately reduce the ranking of your page.

How to recover from Google Panda:

  • It is preferable advised by the owners of the websites that they should initially focus on the top visible portion of their webpage which is to be displayed on most of the screens. Internal links could be put into your content of the website but make sure that the visitor to your website does not have to scroll much down in order to find the useful information.
  • It is to be ensured that the page has a good heading that will interest the visitors to your site and also ensure that there are not many advertisements linked to your websites and the information provided is also useful.
  • Do not use a lot of keywords. A maximum of 2% of the keywords within the whole article would be more than enough for you to gain traffic.
  • Always moderate your blog and remove all spammy comments and links.
  • Do remember to put in share buttons to your blog namely, Google+ and Facebook like options.
  • Share your website link on a large scale on many social networking sites.

The Google Penguin Update:

The Google Penguin update was developed in order to solve the problem of what is known as spamdexing or the process of manipulating the search engine by use of specific spamming procedures. If you having been doing the same to your webpage then you need to change it as soon as possible since this new update would cause your website to obtain a low rank likewise.

How to recover from Google Penguin:

  • Never buy links or reciprocate to links on websites who do not connect directly to your page title tag. If both of the pages have the same content whatsoever, then reciprocating links is ok otherwise it is advised that it should be avoided.
  • It should be ensured that the Backlink Building Services which have been provided on your website points out to a variety of pages on your whole blog or webpage and not only just to your homepage. Using a wide variety of anchor text would also be beneficial. Ensure that the links which you are using in your website have been obtained from a number of different directories, blogs, etc.
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