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You have a dream and you aspire to turn it into reality! No matter what you want to pursue – dancing, sports, arts, academics, singing or anything else that excites you. If you truly want to be the master in your field, joining the best university/ college is a must! I think you all will agree to this, won’t you?

If you want to get admission in the best college, then you need to write the years of training and hard work in one college application. You might have worked hard, but if it does not reflect from your college application then you are ruining your chances of getting admission into your dream college. That’s how important this Professional Bio for college Application is!

The students whose bio shows the hardships they have been through and the challenges they have overcome to achieve their dream would be able to convince the institute to give them a seat. The college management would pick the applications of the applicants with a convincing bio of why the candidate is willing to pursue this course and their aspirations. Hence this is one of the most important essays you will ever write as a student – Your Journey!

Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind while writing a bio for college application

Choose the brilliant opening sentence:  When you start the professional bio with some interesting lines, it would glue the readers to go through the entire bio. You can make it humorous to keep the reader engaged.

Focus on how you overcame the challenges: Every successful person has failed 100 times in the past. It is the attitude of never backing down that makes the failed person successful. Don’t just focus on your strengths, rather focus on the journey. What all the challenges you faced and how you overcame those to reach where you are today and then talk about what you will do in future if you get to be a part of the prestigious college that you are applying to.

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Prepare a draft without worrying about the number of characters first: When you start writing the bio of your application, you should not keep the character count in mind (even if it is specified by the institute) rather let the thoughts flow about your journey. Many students would be worried about the number of characters and they try to cut down on the important incidences which shaped their life. This is the major mistake that is done by many students. The best way of approach is to let the ideas flow into the paper and while reviewing the bio, you can cut down the superfluous sentences or incidences which does not go well with the story that you want to portray.

Pick the right words and expressions: You need to choose the words wisely and then start to frame sentences that convey your story. Use power words to give your essay the needed punch!

Take ample time: If you are unsure of how to write a professional bio, you can take online Essay Writing help. The experts who are well versed with what is expected from a student to get that Ivy league seat can help you get the right bio done. If you do not want to take anyone’s help, then you need to take ample amount of time and multiple reviews (at least review it 10-12 times) to finalise it. Once you finalise the bio, ask your friends and family members to read it and get an opinion on how you can make it better.

These are the 5 important tips suggested by our experts. Do let us know if you have any other tips that can be shared with the readers.


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