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Gel electrophoresis is a technique used for separation of DNA fragments based on size of the DNA fragment. SDS page is another similar method used for the separation of proteins based on the size of the protein. There are a number of methods used for the extraction of DNA and proteins from the gel with different yields. One such method is electroelution. Electroelution is a method used to extract nucleic acids or protein sample from an agarose or polyacrylamide gel. This is achieved by applying a negative current in order to draw the macromolecules to the surface for extraction and further analysis.

The electroelution method can be conducted in two basic methods. The first method is with the use of a dialysis bag. In this method the band on the gel is excised and placed in a dialysis bag or tube which is then subjected to a negative current. The DNA migrates out of the gel through the membrane into the buffer from which it can be extracted with further processing. The second method includes the use of a trough or a glass tube through which the DNA molecule pass when current is applied, finally resulting in the collection of the molecules in the cap for further processing and analysis. These devices are used by a number of research institutions and academic institutions as well as by other R&D entities in biotechnology and biopharma industry.

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Electroelutor Market: Drivers and Restraints

Primary factors driving the Electroelutor market include increase in R&D expenditure worldwide. Simple kits and fast results along with higher yield than other elution methods are some of the advantages and is preferred over other methods especially in conditions when the sample is required to be extracted in the pure form with minimum contamination of gel products and dye molecules. However high cost of the kits and similar products may hamper the growth of the market.

Electroelutor Market: Segmentation

The global electroelutor market has been segmented on the basis of product type, end users, and geography.

Based on product type, the global electroelutor market is segmented as:

  • Dialysis electroelution
  • Trough electroelution

Based on end user, the global electroelutor market is segmented as:

  • Biopharmaceutical Companies
  • CMOs & CROs
  • Research & Academic Institutions

Electroelutor Market: Overview

The Electroelutor market is a fragmented market with a number of players. However there are a number of prominent players such as Bio-Rad, Merck Millipore, C.B.S. Scientific and GE Healthcare among others. These products can broadly segmented into dialysis electroeution and trough electroelution. In the Dialysis electroelution the apparatus contains small dialysis bags or tubes through which the DNA migrates into the buffer while the trough electroelution apparatus is designed such that the extracted DNA/Protein can be collected in a small glass vial for further processing. In terms of end users, these electroelutors can be used in academic and resrch institution, biopharmaceutical companies and other CMOs and CRO laboratories.

Electroelutor Market: Regional Wise Outlook

Geographically, the global electroelutors market is classified into regions viz. North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan, Middle East and Africa. North America and Europe is expected to be the leader in global electroelutor market owing to concentration of key market players,, early adoption and increased R&D investment in the regions. The electroelutor market in Asia Pacific region is also growing considerably due to the adoption of the over-the-counter dental bleaching products and a number of emerging players in the region along with growing research in biotech and biopharma industry.

Electroelutor Market: Key Players

There are a number of players in the electroelutor market some of them include, Merck Millipore, GE Healthcare, Bio-Rad, C.B.S. Scientific, InterBioTech, BioVision, IBI Scientific, Qbiogene, and others.

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