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Posted by dom on July 28th, 2018

One day at a children's trade show, a little girl of eight or nine years stopped by my exhibit to listen to the music. She shyly told me her mom had given her an allowance to spend on whatever she wanted at the event, and had stopped at my exhibit because she liked the music that was playing. She asked how much the lullaby CD was because she thought her new baby brother would like it, and she wanted to buy wizkid songs him.

I asked her how much she wanted to spend on her gift, and she said, "I only have three dollars." Touched by her thoughtfulness, I said, "why that's just how much the CD is!" I didn't make much of a profit on the sale, but her smile said it all. Her simple wish to bring the gift of music to her new brother's life reminded me why I love playing Olamide music.

Nasty C Music surrounds us. It is in our homes, the workplace, everywhere we go. The movie and television industry use the power of music to make us feel, commercials use it to encourage us to buy their products. As adults we take music for granted, yet it is hard to imagine our lives without it. We often tune out the music world, pushing it to the background of our busy lives and are unaware of our children tuning in to the magic of the musical notes they hear. I often see parents rushing from place-to-place, totally oblivious to their little ones craning their neck to listen to the musical notes tickle their little ears with beautiful, fun sounds.

Many parents do not truly recognize how music affects and influences their children, and can actually aid in their development and growth from the very start. My young friend's simple desire to share the wonders of music with her new brother would in the end benefit his growth and development, and provide her with a means of communication.

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