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Posted by Ian on July 29th, 2018

Content is king! When you’re running a business, the content you post online is vital to retaining and adding customers. You content has to be fresh, trendy and most importantly engaging. This is where video content comes in. Everybody knows that moving images and sounds have more engagement than plain text. But not everyone knows or understands how to generate good video content. In the early days of my business, I didn’t understand the importance of video content. My time was consumed looking up Frontier online deals to find the best possible connectivity at the cheapest rates. To put it bluntly, I was more interested in cutting costs than boosting my online presence. A few posts a week was not bringing in the traffic I wanted. It wasn’t until later when I discovered Cloud Animator that I realized I could make video content with minimal effort on my part.

What is Cloud Animator?

Cloud Animator is more than just a video formatting app. Its something that can be termed as “Super Media”. It helps to integrate images, text, videos, animation and audio to your projects. It even allows text-to-speech that can be combined with animated effects to make a static object into an eye-catching display. If you want your content to create an impression on your audience and be memorable, Cloud Animator is just the tool you need.

Audience Interaction

Cloud Animator is perfect for creating interactive content and explanatory presentations. This allows your audience to directly interact with the content, which in turn boosts traffic. With User Select Path you can give users to decide their own path. You can get your audience to directly contact you on SMS, phone, email or website via the information you provide. Link your content to direct traffic on to your website. More traffic means more conversions so this is an effective way to give your sales a boost.

Compatibility across All Devices

If you have a great idea, but its stuck on your computer, its no use. Similarly content that is only optimized for one type of devices excludes all other audiences. Cloud Animator works around this problem efficiently. Learning the authoring process is simple and the content is viewable by anyone on any type of device. Social Publishing allows you to upload your content to social media at the click of a button. With the Embed in Web Page function, you can easily create interactive content you can embed on your website or webpage. Finally with Instant Message Sharing you can communicate with your audience immediately on any device.

Business-level Collaboration

Cloud Animator is not just about creating online content. You can also use it for business presentations and pitches to new clients. It has professional templates and custom creations that allow you to create clean, professional looking unique visuals for business use. Not only that, it supports direct collaborations, allowing your team to bring their individual expertise to the table. The professional Design Templates are perfect for application in business. With Create Custom Media, you can directly drag to Cloud Animator for editing in-place. Finally, the Collaboration feature allows you to control and share current projects with the members in your team.              

Ownership of Content

Your content is yours, because of the time and effort that goes into creating a visual representation of an idea. With Cloud Animator, you have ownership of the brand, content and usage. Download Project allows you to download content for playback when on-the-go without an internet connection. Self Host is feature that allows you to fully own your created content. This is made possible through a self-contained video player and resource download, independent from any other web component.

Creating effective visual content is a daunting task without a design team. Cloud Animator gives you the freedom to do just that. You can seamlessly integrate visual content with audio, animation, video and text to create animated content that has a lasting impression. It also incorporates design templates suitable for a number of different business applications like presentations, pitches and internal meetings. By using Cloud Animator, you can create business presentations to explain your product/service or projects to interact with audiences. It helps you save time in the creation process with text-to-speech and GIF importing capabilities. It even allows you storage of up to 30 projects with 5GB worth of storage space. As a user, I can vouch for the effectiveness of this app which only cost me . Cloud Animator and my trusty Frontier internet connection are all I need to make content with efficacy. 

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