Bridal Wedding Makeup

Posted by ulrch on July 29th, 2018

Bridal wedding makeup can be the difference between a disaster bridal look and the perfect blushing bride.(view more buy eyelashes extensions to make beauty person )

The key to any bridal makeup is starting with a good base. Wedding makeup needs to breathe, to last, and to look flawless. One of the best ways of achieving this for bridal foundation is by using an airbrush-while it may seem like a new 'fandangle' technology, airbrushing has been used for years in the film and television industry to make celebrities and personalities look great-so why not you on your wedding day?

Bridal foundation is a little different that normal foundation in that it needs a few extra contour lines done to make sure the bride's face is not dimensionless in the photographs-this contouring is also best done with an airbrush, as it gives the most naturally looking contour lines, much more blended and seamless than manually applying contouring.

Bridal Wedding makeup also needs to draw attention equally on the face-this means a balance between eyes, lips and brows. This does not mean that if you want heavy eye makeup you also have to have fire engine red lips-but it means that a lip color should be chosen that has some relationship to the eye colors, and will not be subsumed by the intensity.

Highlighting is another key for bridal wedding makeup. There are six parts of the face that need highlighting. Cheek bones are the obvious ones, but the center of the nose is another - although a pearly or reflective highlight should be avoided for the nose. One the eyes, the arch of the brow bone, the center of the lid and the inner corner of the eye should all have the same highlight color (usually a pearl) applied - this not only brightens the eye, but give dimension in photographs. Lastly is the lips. The same highlight used on the eyes can be taken on a finger and pressed onto the center of the lips-this will not be visible to the eye, but it will attract light, and make the lips appear fuller.(Recent studies have shown those women who to buy 3d mink lashes Click here [minkfurlash] to order best quality mink eyelashes.)

Bridal wedding makeup really wouldn't be complete without some false mink lashes - some women are turned off by the thought of a full set because they think it looks too overdone, but a couple of well-placed single mink lashes along the outer corner of the upper lid do wonders for opening up the eye and really giving eyes and added oomph.

The most important thing to remember is to enhance the brides natural features - Bridal wedding makeup shouldn't make the bride unrecognizable, after all, her husband to be wants to be able to recognize her at the altar!

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