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Hi power engines means stronger (and thus heavier) internal component parts such as the pistons and crankshaft to resist the constant pounding from the diesel engine's operating cycle. Thusly, the design of a diesel engine is made to take hundreds of hours of constant use under load. cheap alternators for sale I am told by the Westerbeke spokesperson of one engine, still in use today that has thirty thousand hours on her and she is still operating fine. Diesels can be damaged as a consequence of misapplication or abuse - principally internal glazing and carbon buildup.

When Hypertech finds the maximum torque and horsepower for each speed, they know how to set calibrations for the computer for that car. Real Life Advantages to a Power starter manufacturers Programmer These kinds of power programmers aren't just for race car drivers or engine gasket kit professional truck cummins performance parts drivers. They have everyday advantages for any driver. Fuel Efficiency - A power programmer, like the Hypertech Max Energy, can increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency and get you more miles per gallon. With rising gas prices, this can keep money in your pocket.

cheap alternators

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