Why I face error attaching file in yahoo mail platform?

Posted by Yahoo Support Number on July 30th, 2018

There are many successful and leading mail platform that exist today on internet but among them yahoo is one of the mail platform that have been there from years and is still manage to be a leading mail platform among its millions users. It is so common among its users because it provides user oriented applications. Even when it has gone through many ups and downs still it has manage to be a leader because whatever it provides it take care that it is latest and just what its users need. It is easy to use but in case if users face any issues using yahoo they may obtain easy help from yahoo contact support number.

Even though yahoo provides so many services but its mail services is widely popular among its users. The yahoo mail is effective and is responsible for thousands of information exchange each day. It has been used since last many years. Yahoo mail is widely used for mail exchange and with mail exchange it also allows sending and receiving files and images right with the mail exchange. Sending and receiving mails and attachment with yahoo is fun and a very convenient task but at times this get difficult.

Sending attachment is necessary for official purposes these days and when it gets difficult it can create issues. There can be many possible reasons why you are unable to send an attachment with yahoo and in such cases you must try the following things:

  • Check the name of the attachment file – You must ensure that the name of the file to be attached is correct. Sometimes yahoo blocks those files which have some of the unusual characters in use. You can rename the file with simple name and try sending it again. 
  • Check whether the file has encrypted content – Sometimes yahoo block some files to be attached with yahoo mail and in such cases it is better to check your file does not have some encrypted data. You make try finding some way with which you can send a file without encrypted data. 
  • Check for the size of file to be attached – There is only a fixed limit in terms of size that yahoo allows. If the file exceeds the size it will not be send. In such cases you can try sending by zipping it or through drop box. Drop box is an external drive available with yahoo that let users to attach a file and send it via drop box. In such cases you need to upload a file and then share it with friend via mail. 
  • Check browser settings – Sometimes yahoo blocks some file to be send as an attachment and this is because of the change in the browser setting which you have made unknowingly. In such cases you must check your browser setting. You need to check cache and clear them. Also delete the cookies and try again. 
  • Check the original file to be attached and its path – Sometimes while you are taking the action of file attachment in yahoo, you are unable to find where the file is actually located. You must ensure the path of the file before attaching it. You may also save the file at a known location to attach it easily in yahoo. 

When you face any issues attaching any file in yahoo mail account this may be some of the obvious reason. You can check for the above reasons but if you still face issues attaching file in yahoo there can be other possible reason the solution to which is rightly available at yahoo helpline phone number.

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