How to Engage Your Customers and Make Money at The Same Time?

Posted by Pratik Shah on July 30th, 2018

Often, we get impressed and intimidated by the success of other businesses. And to find out what made them successful, we investigate the strategies they applied. Things that turns tables around for their business. Of course, we do not need generic tips like “Loyalty Programs Always Work.” When it comes to engagement models, we look into the substantial things that worked. It may be a mobile app, a referral program, or a discount scheme.

But after looking into these aspects, there are very few who get into the depth of the word “Engagement.” You might not have given importance to it but it is the core of your user’s lifecycle and keeps them associated with your brand.

What Have We Learnt from Amazon?

Almost all online e-stores provide cash backs, bonuses, and discounts. But not everyone is as successful as Amazon. Amazon has grabbed eyeball ever since its launch. And ecommerce experts and other researchers do not just visit their website to make a purchase. They intend to know what makes Amazon what it is and what ideas and insights they can adapt into their business. But the major takeaway has always been – the engagement that Amazon creates with its customers.

So, how do you engage the customers and boost the value of your brand for the user?

Inclusion of Web-to-Print

Not a very old concept, web-to-print is a technology that refers to remote publishing or the practice of conducting one’s print business using websites. Now, there is a by product of this technology which is very useful for ecommerce businesses. And some of the Magento based ecommerce store owners call it Magento Web to Print Design Software.

Let’s say you own a print-catalog for your e-store. There is a possibility that you might be paying other experts and professionals to make designs for you. Instead, if you integrate Magento Custom Product Designer, (which might be just a one-time expense) it would open several doors for you and connect you with your customers in a more profound way.

A Win-Win Situation

As an e-store owner, let’s say you offer a space to designers for creating personalized products by using the features available on your store. The artists can decide the amount of margin they want to make over the base price. Once the design is ready, your customers can get the latest designs and artists can get their margins. In this situation, you would own the design which wasn’t available on other web spaces. Your designers will make profits and would keep connected to you. And you will make profits as well. Isn’t that a clear win-win?

So, how do I go about it?

It’s quite simple. As the first rule, you should have a website or an e-store that sells products that are print worthy. Thereafter, you can integrate a Magento Custom Product Designer which provides you with different designing features, margin setup, user profiles, designs, and other features.

Brush Your Ideas Product Design Tool is an extension that works for both Magento & WooCommerce platforms. We have integrated the tool for several print industry owners. If you are thinking about making web-to-print technology a part of your business, we would be more than happy to hear from you! This Article is Source from

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