Balancing Coastal Living Dreams with the Budget

Posted by mary drexler on July 30th, 2018

It comes as no surprise that coastal living is one of the most expensive locations to move in to, regardless of the area or the type of home that is purchased. Any time buyers compare two similar homes, one that is by the sea and one that is not, the former will always have a higher price tag unless there are serious issues with the house. This is why it is necessary to understand all the features that come with a waterfront home and set reasonable financial expectations for the initial purchase and long-term care.

It is simple enough to find Irvine homes for sale that have spectacular views of the water and with the right realtor helping with the process, the home can be yours in no time. However, before you sign on the dotted line, there are a couple of key questions you need to ask the seller.

Waterfront homes run a higher risk of being exposed to storms like hurricanes, water damage from rising flood waters and decreased structural integrity. A thorough home inspection should be performed prior to closing the deal to determine if any of these issues exist or if there is any record of major maintenance or repair work in the files. Any sign of this should trigger the realtor to ask for a lower price or they recommend that you find other Irvine homes for sale that don’t have these issues. Some buyers don’t mind a ‘fixer upper’ and that is great for a seller who is looking to get rid of a house they can no longer afford or do not want the extra expense that comes with living by the water.

It is best to let the real estate agent know this up front so they can be on the lookout for homes that fit this description and may be slower moving in the market. Homes on the water typically have gorgeous views, direct access to the beach or lake front and private rights to the area which are all benefits to this location and why it is considered prime property. When situated in a great neighborhood, the buying opportunities will move quickly so having a realtor with close connections to the area is a good idea to keep tabs on homes that fit in your budget and lifestyle. If you are selling a home on the water, a great tip is to have it ‘staged’ with furniture even if you have already moved out since this gives the home a ‘lived in’ look and helps buyers visualize them living in it.

For some, the beach is the ideal location for their dream house and they can find Irvine homes for sale to help them accomplish that goal. Take time to go online and check out the real estate listings for homes on the market and then contact a realtor in the area to walk you through the process, identify potential homes, and answer questions so you can make an informed purchase and love the waterfront home for years to come.

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