Benefits of Rowing Machines Vs Other Cardio Machines

Posted by Gymsportz on July 31st, 2018

There are all types of cardio machines, of which every fitness junkie has a favorite. One of the more popular cardio machines that are now making waves in fitness centers is the rowing machine. Rowers or ergometers are among the newest trends in the world of fitness mainly because of its calorie burning and full-body workout benefits. In fact, experts claim that spending the same amount of time on a rowing machine can burn as much as 10 to 15 percent more calories than cycling or running. Numbers don’t lie, but if you want more reasons to switch your cardio workout from traditional machines to the now, trendier rowing machine, here are even more benefits of using a rower:

• Rowing machines are great for warming up – No matter what type of workout you are currently into, rowing can be a great way to warm you body up. Using a rowing machine will get your blood flowing, improving your overall circulation before running. It is also a great warm up before doing some lifting exercises as they wake the arms up so you can do better and harder chest presses. All in all, rowing machines are great for waking the body up and getting your heart rate to high gear. It’s a great tool for getting your sweat going and pumping up for most any workout.

• Rowing machines add variation to your routine – Perhaps you are looking for variety in your old routine. Rowing is a great alternative or if you are feeling more ambitions, a great companion to cycling or running. Whether you want to add it to your normal cardio routine or use it as a substitute for the treadmill or your time on a stationary bike, the rowing machine makes a great addition to your cardio repertoire. Not only does it help reduce stress on your leg joints, it also allows you to change up your scenery at least once in a while.

• Rowing is also a great cool down exercise – Rowing is as good a warm up exercise as it is a cool down routine. When you’re done with your regular routine, capping it off with a good round in the rowing machine is a great way to complete your cycle.

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