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Posted by Donald Hood on August 1st, 2018

(1888 PressRelease) Diamond Seal Systems LLC is adding Clear and Brilliant vision to the views off the Tappan Zee bridge with Ti02 Nanotechnology. A hydrophilic solution to create Easy Clean glass panels for the Tappan Zee bridge in NY. The Bridge is going GREEN with Nanotechnology!


Just north of New York City there’s a flurry of activity involving the simultaneous piece-by-piece demolition of the aged Tappan Zee Bridge and construction of a newer, safer version of the Hudson River landmark that has been transporting commuters since 1955.

“This is an impressive and complex engineering endeavor with many professionals in many industries contributing their expertise to its success,” said Carol Borow, president of Hauppauge-based CHB Industries (www.chbwindowfilm.com) , which provides office /government buildings, houses of worship, and homes with creative security, solar, decorative, and anti-graffiti window film solutions. “We’re thrilled to be part of this exciting landmark project.”

In the coming months CHB will team up with Diamond Seal Systems (www.www.diamondsealsystems.com) to insure that the glass lining pedestrian viewing stations on the new bridge remains clean so as to enhance views of the scenic Hudson River Valley.

Diamond Seal Systems offers unique nanotechnology coatings that make glass surfaces harder, smoother, long-lasting and easier to clean and maintain. CHB is a certified dealer and installer of the Diamond Seal products.

“Diamond Seal has the most effective and reliable products on the market,” said Borow. “These coatings are the perfect solutions for this project. With thousands of anticipated visitors to the bridge every week and the volatile weather conditions the glass panels at the viewing stations will take a beating.

“These coatings result in easy-to-clean surfaces that will prevent costly glass replacements while providing great views for those visiting the new structure.”

The Diamond Seal products are one of many installed by CHB Industries which has provided a wide range of solutions to homes, government and office buildings, schools and houses of worship worldwide.

“People love large windows and the views they provide,” added Borow. “But these walls of windows come with challenges. Our solar films can lower utility bills. Security applications can make schools and government buildings safer, and anti-graffiti films are effective in maintaining windows in high-traffic areas. Decorative films can result in more pleasing and private office environments.”

The Diamond Seal coatings allow maintenance crews to easily clean and remove staining and dirt resulting from high-traffic and extreme weather conditions.

“Since 1996, we have been at the forefront of cleaning technology development,” said James Aiken, Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Seal Systems. “We pride ourselves in developing effective, environmentally safe solutions for a variety of applications. We’re thrilled to work with CHB Industries on this exciting assignment.”

DSS Reactive Pro- 5 Day Full activation in UV (A or B)
DSS short outline: Photocatalytic technology is becoming more and more attractive to industry today because global environmental pollution has come to be recognized as a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

Superior properties of TiO2 surface, i.e., even under extremely weak UV light found in ordinary room light, photoactive TiO2 film can decompose fairly large amounts of various organic compounds accumulating on the surface; in addition, highly amphiphilic surface can be produced. This photocatalytic decomposition activity and photoinduced amphiphilicity of TiO2 can produce a new type of highly effective self-cleaning surface. Also another benefit of Ti02 is that it can deflect heat from the surface without absorption. This reduces heat penetration protecting interior surfaces and saving on cooling cost.

The specialized formulation of the DSS Reactive is a non-corrosive and non-leaching formula and will not affect circuitry in an indirect way. The hard rating is above 6H on glass which adds surface tensile strength to reduce abrasion. This formulation can be hand applied and is NON-TOXIC is small applications. Full activation of hyper-state-surface- molecules for full benefits is 5 day light exposure in UV A-B. Even low light will cause activation. Once activated all attributes are engaged.

DSS 2014

Contact DSS at 877-234-9452 for more information about this project or products.

TI02 wipe on Product from
Micro MED/ Diamond Seal Systems

DSS Reactive Glass is a photo-reactive nanotechnology
coating that is used on exterior glass surfaces and solar panels. It keeps glass stronger and more brilliant, adding a long-lasting shine. It makes it harder to scratch and reduces micro-abrasions.

The DSS Reactive Glass product breaks down hydrocarbons, dirt, organic matter, and other contaminants thanks to its photo-catalytic properties. The glass surface becomes hydrophilic, therefore water just sheets off the substrate. DSS Reactive Glass will not chip, crack, stain, pit or discolor the surface. The glass or solar panel becomes much easier to maintain; with just a rinse, the glass looks clean from dust and other organic contaminants. Used on many architectural surfaces, such as metal, glass, granite, and solar panels.

Diamond Seal Systems
– DSS Reactive Glass uses energy from the sun to break down hydrocarbons and clean the surface while reflecting any damage offers the best in
from UV rays. nanotechnology coatings for architectural surfaces. Our products offer peace of mind and protection for your investment. Surfaces will be harder, smoother, and longer lasting, as well as much easier to maintain.

DSS Reactive Glass main features:
•    Cures itself deep into the glass, creating a permanent, impenetrable barrier against harmful elements.
•    Neutralizes germs through a photo-catalyst reaction.
•    Adds durability and increases hardness rating of the surface.
•    Decomposes hydrocarbons, supporting self-cleaning.
•    Comes with a limited 5 year warranty.
•    Easy, safe application.


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