How to Fix HP printer ?Error Code 0xc19a0035?

Posted by Sharleenjoy on August 1st, 2018

The introduction of printers has made the lives of many people easier. Although there are many brands of printer available in the market, HP Printer shines apart from the crowd. A printer helps in taking the hard copy print of files, documents, photos and much more. The earlier printer used to print in black ink only but with the evolution of technology, color printing came into existence and so does the problems associated with them. Apart from their capability to print high-quality printouts, HP Printers misbehaves too by showing some or other error codes. To fix them, you can always get in touch with HP Printer Customer Carethat stays available 24x7 online.

HP Error code 0xc19a0035 is a technical snag that occurs in independent head cartridge area. In order to solve this error code user must try to turn off and turn on the printer to check if the problem is sorted out or not. If the error still persists then just go with the solution steps:

Fixing error code 0xc19a0035

  •          Open the lid of your HP Printer so as to reach to the cartridges
  •          Remove the printer cartridge head
  •          Clean the lower part of the chip that connects to an ink cartridge with a wet towel
  •          Make sure to clean it properly and then place the cartridge again to its place without disrupting other functionalities of the printer
  •          Once done, print a test page to have a look at the color quality of the paper
  •          If the problem still remains, try to reset your HP Printer

How to reset the Printer to fix 0xc19a0035

  •          Unplug the power cable and wait for few seconds
  •          Press # and 3 buttons from the front of the printer and make the connection again
  •          Turn on the printer after releasing the buttons

If the error occurs again while the printer is in use then there is some serious issue with your printer that needs to get resolved with the help of HP Printer Customer Care Phone number, the technicians will rectify the error through their troubleshooting methods taking a small part of your valuable time.

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