Tips for starting a rooftop garden

Posted by Erin Aiston on August 1st, 2018

If you live in a big city or urban areas then you can get extra advantages from rooftop gardening. It’s simple to start a rooftop gardening project. And if you have the gardening skill then it will be better for you and if you have not any skill or ideas about rooftop gardening don’t worry because we are here to help you to share the best and effective tips for starting a rooftop garden.

In densely populated countries if you have a small rooftop then you can make it like a beautiful garden and you can spend your leisure time there and enjoy more. You can cultivate herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. It depends on your choice. Proper planning and decoration may help you to cultivate more plants.

Tips for starting a rooftop garden:

rooftop garden

Soil: for growing plants especially for rooftop garden the most important factor in purchasing the right soil. In the rooftop garden, there is less aeration than a ground garden. Don’t go with the typical method, it can’t work effectively. You need to take a container and fill it with compost and of course, add slow-release fertilizer with the soil. The most important factor and the first step of rooftop gardening are preparing the soil, you can also buy this soil for your rooftop garden.

Pots and containers: purchasing pots and containers is the next important things of rooftop gardening. Terracotta is one of the most popular options among all and every expert knows that but there are some problems too. For the lack of shade, this container will be dry out very fastly that is one of the main problems of a rooftop garden. In this case, the custom-made planter is the best options that ensure proper insulation.

Drainage and waterproofing:  the important next step is drainage system so that excess water can run away. Otherwise, your plants will be dead immediately. So, it’s crucial to make a proper drainage method. For waterproofing and rooftop drainage reducing corner is one of the big mistakes. You can also use pond liner or weatherproof rubber layer. However, you need to spend your money. You can make drainage system on the bottom of the container and pots.

Flooring: for rooftop gardening flooring is an important factor. The right flooring is needed. If you want you can install the deck. For decking woods would be the better option that makes the interesting look and add colorful patterns.

Plants: now you need to take most important decision means you need to desire what type of plants you need to grow in your rooftop garden. The plant is the essential and most important factor of every gardening project. It just depends on your demands and choices. 

Sunlight exposure: for growing plant sunlight plays an important role that is also essential rooftop gardening. So, for your rooftop garden, you need to have a certain concept about seasonal shade and sun exposure. Which flowers, vegetables, and herbs you want to grow it depends on sunlight exposure. If your rooftop has not enough sunlight then you can grow lettuce, kale, and spinach.

Note: don’t use lightweight pots or container because wind can break down.

                            A rooftop garden will be like an oasis for you. You can decorate it like your own choice. We just share some essential tips for starting a rooftop garden that is important to know before starting a rooftop garden.

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