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In 1996 we presented MTU 4000 series marine engines to the public for the first time. Even then it was clear: These engines are something really special. As the very first large diesel engines, they were equipped as standard with the common-rail injection system – and as a result, were ten years ahead of the current status of development. Right at the start we specifically designed the engines to be powerful, universally deployable and yet efficient. That’s how you can still recognize a Series 4000 even today. Because we strive continuously to convert our customers' requirements into reliable, clean and durable technology. As a result the Series 4000 engines will also stand the test in future in the toughest applications: in boats, rail vehicles, industrial and mining vehicles, in energy systems as well as pump drives for the oil and gas industry.

The Series 4000. The most important facts.

Regardless of what you are driving: Our Series 4000 engines accomplish every task supremely. Because they are one of the best engines in the world.

Technology, that has proven reliable thousands of times
The Series 4000 is our most successful product range. Since its introduction, more than 37,000 of these engines have proven how efficient and reliable they are. In the toughest applications, together they have accumulated about 180,000,000 hours of operation. With planned scheduled service intervals, numerous engines have been able to demonstrate more than 60,000 hours of operation.

Emission-optimized for every deployment location
Our Series 4000 engines are efficient and powerful, but nonetheless always satisfy the valid emission directives, whether on rails, in water, industrial applications or power generation. For this we rely on purely engine-internal measures, that we combine with aftertreatment technologies according to application and requirements.

Less fuel, more efficiency
We focus consistently on further developing our key technologies of combustion design, turbocharging, electronic engine management and common rail injection. This way we ensure that the engines of the Series 4000 are not only clean, but also extremely economical. No wonder that they are one of the most efficient in their performance class.

High performance with low weight
The engines of the Series 4000 are distinguished above all by their outstanding power to weight ratio and high power density. As a result they provide the necessary power reserves in order to drive heavy vehicles, boats or generators – without taking up a lot of unnecessary installation space.

Powerful at high altitudes
Full power, even where the air gets thin: This is ensured by suitably adapted turbochargers, that MTU develops and produces itself. These are coordinated to the engine, so that it safely delivers its high output over the entire range of the engine specification – on the ground as well as at an altitude of 4,000 meters.

Quiet and with low vibration when off-road
In the driver's cab of an excavator, while generating back-up power in a hospital or on the sun deck of a luxury yacht, one thing counts above all: quiet running. Special sound-reduction measures from pre-injection through to elastic bearings and special sound-insulation enclosures ensure that with Series 4000 engines the environment remains as quiet as possible.

MTU 4000 series marine engines can be found in research boats belonging to university facilities – such as the ice-going "Sikuliaq". Here the Series 4000 supplies all boat systems as well as the electric drive motors with power. The MTU engines also prove themselves under water.

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