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Posted by karoniee on August 2nd, 2018

Yotta Games: Did that bring more of a challenge as far as having to develop and test new technology?

Yotta Games is a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, as is Yotta Games mafia city, developer of MAFIA. While Mafia City is Yotta Games’ fastest-seller, Take-Two announced during a call to investors that it has shipped 70 million copies of mafia game thus far. That’s the developer’s biggest game to-date, further buoyed by the success of online component mafia game.

There’s at least three planned expansions for the title.
All things considered, “Mafia City” has the potential to be a solid pulp revenge tale with a little more social awareness at its core than other mafia games, if it all comes together.

 Enjoy a rich Mafia City H5
Yeah. Like, I wouldn't say that we're deconstructing the Mafia, but we're using Lincoln as a perspective to look a tthem from the outside, to look at them through the issues you described, like systemic racism. What happens when the devaluation of black lives—the devaluation of an entire people—intersects with crime?
As Clay grabs the informant and begins to grill him for info, the police take up positions. I'm cornered. "Shit, I thought I was going to have more time," I tell Harms. He laughs, "Well, you're right near city hall." He explains that the police respond quickly in the highly populated, wealthy, and white downtown district. "But if you were in the Hollows—one of the poorer, much blacker districts in New Bordeaux..." He shrugs. In Mafia City, safety and justice arrive more slowly for some than others. It's the first time I've seen this element of structural racism systematized in a big-budget game. I didn't expect that, either.
Mafia City employs this same energy in the fantasy it empowers, tapping into the militant and pro-gun spirit of groups like the Panthers with its choice of hero (a militant, black Vietnam war-vet) and its setting (a southern town boiling over with racism in 1968). While it sits comfortably within an extensive stable of mafia where shooting people is the primary method of interaction, Mafia City, through its black power-inspired hero and roiling 60’s setting, surfaces a different, rebellious vision of what guns ought to be used for, and who ought to wield them.
This show of power on the part of a player is exactly why Jane McGonigal used it as her example of the impressive things that gamers can accomplish: “When players dedicate themselves to a goal like 10 billion Covenant kills, they’re attaching themselves to a cause, and they’re making a significant contribution to it.” The gamers are apparently changing the world, one headshot at a time.

[Laughs] No, it's completely OK! As the father of a biracial child, [I think] these are stories that should be told.

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