Creating Company Culture: The Easy Way

Posted by octanner on August 2nd, 2018

There are many examples of big companies that run a very successful operation while providing a fun work atmosphere. Organizations need a company culture that delivers a balance between professionalism and playfulness. Big companies invest millions into office culture. Of course, smaller companies cannot afford this sort of expenditure. Fortunately, smaller companies can create a vibrant company culture for their working staff, without the costly expense, by following these simple steps.

  1.  Create Fun Challenges

Fun challenges can include a break from the working hours, cooking competitions, a ping-pong match, or a marathon specially organized for employees. These challenges can be enhanced with trophies for participants. There are offices that use these competitions, as a part of their company culture, to motivate employees. Setting up fun challenges will boost company morale by inviting the spirit of healthy competition amongst employees. Small companies can also do this to create a fun workplace, which is a key component of building a company culture.

  1. Create Fitness Challenges

Every office has that group of employees who are highly obsessed with exercise. You can ask these employees for their help with incorporating fitness into the workplace. Assigning duties from their various hobbies will make them feel special, while other employees learn from them. There are offices where gym facilities are available, but companies with limited resources can host marathons, count steps, or have a weight-loss competition. The workplace gets fitter, better, and more energized once you introduce fitness challenges to your company culture.

  1. Celebrate Special Days with Staff

Make your employee feel special on important days, such as a birthday, work/wedding anniversary, or any other special occasion to make them feel valued. Making employees feel appreciated is one thing and celebrating with them is other. It gives a feeling of having a family away from home and instantly gives your employee the right moral support they have been waiting for. Plan a surprise party or arrange a staff brunch at a place of their choosing. There are many ways to celebrate a special day.

  1. Make Space for Fun Activities

Working is important, and that’s what we’re at the office for, but having fun is equally important since you get bored doing work all the time. Working for continuous hours can make your employees frustrated and less productive. Hence, make a space for fun activities at your workplace so that they don’t get bored and ideas come running through their mind. Making time for fun is an easy and free way to make your employees decompress and re-energize. Just remember to keep the fun hours specified so that it doesn’t harm your business hours. However, conducting fun activities will avoid absenteeism, internal disputes, and politics in any corporate organization.

  1. Plan Trips

Just how our teachers arranged field trips, try planning getaways at your workplace as well. Everybody needs a much-needed break from the office every now and then. Create a company culture that promotes relaxation by arranging company trips to give your staff some time to have fun so that they come back with increased focus and productivity.

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