What Is Meant By Workplace Wellness? How It Is Helpful For The Organization

Posted by Digital Marketeer on August 2nd, 2018

Workplace wellness is considered as the broad term employed for programs & initiatives in the business environment which supports for employees health, wellbeing and safety, and often for their families also. Organization wellness is known to be the finest business strategy & can be highly advantageous for both employees and companies which offer long and short-term return-on-investment.

Benefits Offered By Worksite Wellness Activities

Companies which make use of corporate Health Promotion Activities ensure to view massive benefits out of it, including:

  1. Lower health benefit costs
  2. Improved employee health
  3. Better employee morale
  4. Fewer long-term & short-term disability claims
  5. High workforce productivity
  6. Decreased stress & stress-related disorders
  7. Lower absenteeism & fewer sick days

It is essential to implement for Worksite Health Promotion Activities to improve the concentration and energy level of workers. One of the initial steps for cultivating an effectual wellness strategy for the firm is implementing a thorough workforce wellness assessment. Organizing an effectual health risk assessment & environmental scan will aid your organization to set realistic, specific goals to enhance the well-being and health of the workplace and hence decrease costs & improve productivity.

Various Employee Wellness Programs

Organizations seem to provide different types of health & wellness initiatives to suit their budget & aid employees in learning & developing healthy lifestyle attitudes. Some of the common Health and Well-Being Quotes and programs organized in the organizations includes of:

Stress Management Program:  It is one of the most adverse problems faced by today’s workers and it has a great impact on the productivity and health of employees and hence seems to be most devastating. To decrease stress & improve mental health as well as resiliency, it is essential to consider for stress management workshops to educate the staff regarding how to cope up with stress.

Healthy Eating Programs: This program is based upon what we eat and how to remain active for the whole day. Employees who take sugary, fatty and low nutrient food will not have adequate stamina and energy to remain productive all over the day. Poor eating also contributes more towards the host of disease and illnesses. Being an employer, it is your responsibility to motivate healthy eating by providing and promoting nutritious food choices in your vending machines and cafeteria.

Physical Activity Programs: It is a well-known fact that employee fitness has a good impact on the company revenue. The risks factors related to inactivity include high blood pressure, premature death, obesity, heart disease, stroke, adult-onset diabetes, colon cancer, depression and many others. To encourage fitness, some firms also provide onsite fitness facilities for their employees.

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