Reason Why Your Baby Nappy Leaks At Night

Posted by mudassarali143 on August 2nd, 2018

Being a parent, you know what it feels when you need to wake up midnight to change the diaper of your kid. For some of you, it might be a regular part of parenting, while some feel annoying. But have you ever thought why you need to invest your night in changing the diapers?

Well, the diaper leakage is one of the common reasons behind changing a diaper during the night. But what are the reasons the overnight diapers are not working as per your expectations? Here are some reasons that can better answer this query.

Small Diaper Size:
 Using a small diaper size is one of the reasons that you might be unaware of. But with the growing age, your kid demands a new size of diaper that you should heed and purchase the same to skip overnight leakage. You can even check yourself whether the existing diaper fits your baby or not.

Big Diaper Size:
 If you think that only small diaper can be the culprit of overnight leakage, you are wrong. In some of the cases, even using bigger sized diapers can cause leakage, making uncomfortable nights for you and your baby. In case of big diapers, there is space from different sections that allow an easy outlet for the pee that becomes annoying for the baby after a short span.  

Too Lose Diaper:
 The similar case occurs when you leave the diaper to lose even when you are using perfect size nappy. Before your kid goes to bed, you should make sure the diaper is tight enough along his thighs and waist.  If you anyhow leave it loose, there will be high chances of getting diaper leakage during midnight.

Use of Fake Brands:
 Well, this is the commonly known mistake that most of you do while pampering your kid. Some renowned brands also provide overnight diapers along with their standard diapers. But instead of going with branded diapers, people opt for local brands that are not high-quality build, causing irritation and rashes to the baby’s skin. You should research well ahead of buying a diaper for your kid.

Heavy Drink Before Bedtime:
  Doctors always recommend less water dosage before bedtime. But even after such recommendations, some of the parents experience heavy water consumption, causing repeated pee overnight. As a result, the increase pee counts demands periodic diaper change in a short span of time. The tummy of your kid can easily tell you about the water consumption that can help you plan your night accordingly.

If you follow some basic tips to overwhelm the problem of changing diapers overnight, you and your kid can easily sleep well without facing any trouble. However, every overnight diaper has a limit that you should know and change the diaper after a specific time. But using the right diaper with the points above will help you increase the time of changing the diapers repeatedly.

There are much additional clothing available with the diapers that you can use to boost the absorptions level of the pee.

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