Networking As a Service- NaaS Transforms Networking with SD-WAN

Posted by Shayamal Kumar on August 3rd, 2018

Internet today is the backbone of the rising digital economy. Life over internet is fast agile and flexible while Governments, businesses and Technology linchpins are constantly trying to make secure its usage. Worldwide 42.62 billion devices are expected to be connected on the Network.

Technologies like Software Defined Network and Virtualization are drastically transforming the way networks are deployed, managed and optimized by making it possible to offer Network as a Service- NaaS to enterprises

On the Network? Yes!“Identifying network …. No Internet Access”

Probably you’ve seen this message while connecting devices to Wireless or Wired Home Network (Internet). If no go, you then visit the control panel to Network and Security centre. Post a hectic troubleshoot, your ISP informs you that there is some Network issue that will be solved by 48 hours.

For you the next 48 hours it’s going to be more than just difficult! You won’t be able to book your ride to office, order monthly groceries which you were supposed to get by the day, stay connected with social channels. In other words, you stay disconnected with the world online. Alas you decide to buy a 3G/4G/5G internet service card from local store. 48 hours without Internet today for you means less accessibility, affordability and agility. Software defined networking is drastically changing the way we see bandwidth, application performance and network availability for enterprise networks.  Will the same technological advancements become viable enough to reach consumers with offerings like Networking as a Service- NaaS?


While the physical world is evolving towards being virtual, Network is playing a pivotal role in helping you stay Connected. No one better than businesses understand the value of Networks today. Unlike you, large scale businesses handling several devices, applications and connections from varied locations across the globe, do not have the option to buy or recharge. They need to ensure uninterrupted (Internet) Network access for customers, employees, partners and third-party vendors.

For long business networks were driven by legacy infrastructures. But with the advent of internet, it is no more possible. Modern Applications, devices, and technology requires speed, agility and flexibility. Distributing Internet over a rigid Network set up costs companies 10 times more than what they are paying now using next generation Network Solutions – Software Defined Networking solution. Like when your ISP failed for 48 hours, you had go shell out extra bucks to get a recharge card even after paying your monthly internet bill. For companies these interruptions cost a lot of money.

So, can Network in the future can be offered as a service to consumers as well as businesses? Well, already network solution providers are offering Networking as a Service- NaaS to businesses.

Networking as a Service- Naas

The rise of cloud managed services has compelled businesses to adopt flexible, scalable and agile Network Infrastructures.  The biggest advantage of NaaS is the complete control and flexibility that businesses can gain. Network administrators can exert total control on the allocation and provisioning of the bandwidth. Ensuring there is endless flexibility for network capacity and scalability. This flexibility also extends to the location of the business and of course, pricing models.

NaaS is a cloud model, which provides businesses with network services over the Internet on pay-per-use or subscription consumption models. This has allowed businesses to get rid of maintaining and monitoring hardware’s and round-the-clock network management – it’s all in the past now. Cloud networking saves the cost of investing in and running network infrastructure.

So why businesses were slow in adopting NaaS?

Earlier shifting to the cloud was riskier with respect to security, compliance and reliability. NaaS was no different.  While it is not a new concept, enterprises have been slow to embrace it mainly due to concerns around issues of availability guarantees, SLAs and concerns regarding security, data privacy and compliance.

But today it is safe to say that cloud computing will be the future platform for all businesses. As the move towards cloud accelerates, enterprises will need to consider network virtualization more seriously. After all, the benefits of cloud (cloud networking) – speed, agility, low costs and scalability – have proven to be irresistible in the past.

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