Know about Composite Cattle for Keeping up Beef Supply in the Market

Posted by andrew on August 3rd, 2018

Can you imagine passing a year without beef steak, beef meatloaf or beef brisket? The beef industry plays an integral role in various economic sectors of the United States and it is found that cattle grazing aids in keeping up the sustainable environment. Understanding the huge demanding circumstances in the market, the breeding firms have embraced unique techniques.

Sustainable ranching
Services Offered by Breeding Firms

Ruling the beef industry for more than five decades, the firm is associated with a breeding program that has gained much popularity in the U.S. Only homozygous beef breed is utilized that offers productive growth of a hybrid over the years. Following are the six key principles followed by the program,

Milk production

Acquiring prestigious awards for the past decades, the composite breeding program contributes to the largest bull sales. Available for buying across South America, Mexico and the United States, the firm offers private treaty bulls, annual bull sale and private treaty females.

New Procedure in Cattle Breeding Program

Composite Cattle is the new name that has come to limelight in the modern day because of its potential to simplify the breeding program. Following this strategy, a producer can benefit out of various breed characteristics by not breaking the neck for a time-consuming cross-breeding program.

The process initiates with the mating of two animals having crossbred parents but of same breeding.

If the composite bull is used on the cows, then there is no need of changing breeds of the sire or separating breeding pastures.

The chosen animal inherits the coveted characteristics from two or more than two breeds.

A producer can achieve the wanted mix of breeds quickly; hence, the composite is less time-consuming than the traditional way of crossbreeding.

However, many of the professionals have the notion that traditional cross breeding is a better choice since they are not acquainted with the fact. Following the philosophy of Lasater, the producers develop ethical implications without mixing any breed from the outside world.

Know about Being Sustainably Concerned

Sustainable ranching is established in the ranging community for managing to keep up long-term health of the ecosystem. Ranching is capable of enhancing water retention through grazing functions, improving soil status and providing support to rural communities. In addition to the context, the beef production is correlated to maximize sustainability and fulfill the increasing expectation of the customers. The organizations need to devise a plan that includes monitoring improvements in the environment by taking pictures of the same spot and the visual document to refer to the success of the intended result.

For More Information: Lasater

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