Permanent Immigration To Canada: Some Tips You Can Use!

Posted by Baldeo Yadav on August 3rd, 2018

Permanent immigration to Canada is the dream of almost every second immigrant. The status gives them a freedom to live, work or study in the country indefinitely. What’s more: you can change the same into Canadian citizenship once you have lived here for at least three years.

It’s hard to ignore an immigrant-friendly country like the Maple Leaf Country. Today, when most of the well-developed countries have almost shut their doors for immigrants and have made things too difficult for the ones already residing in their countries, Canada is one country that has remained soft on immigrants and continues to welcome them. In today’s difficult times, the Canadian Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) is most valuable and cherished by the successful applicants.


There is a pretty long list of programmes for Permanent immigration to Canada that can be used to acquire the PRV for skilled workers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, international students, etc.

Most of the plans follow a points-based system, you get points on various factors and your total score decides if you are a good applicant and deserve a PR Visa. It’s a fair and transparent game that gives equal opportunity to applicants, to compete against one another and do well.

Canadian Permanent Residency Benefits

Canadian permanent residency comes with numerous benefits, some of them are:

1)    You get an opportunity to live and work in the hotspot indefinitely.

2)    You can easily change the PR Visa into Canadian Citizenship and later apply for Canadian passport.

3)    You can sponsor your family for the PR Visa provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

4)    You can access useful healthcare facilities and numerous other social benefits.

5)    You are protected under the Canadian law and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.

Permanent Immigration to Canada: Some Valuable Tips

  1. Identify which programme you are eligible for: As stated above, there is a long list of permanent immigration schemes to be chosen from. Find out which immigration programme you are most eligible for.
  2. Collect all the required documents well in advance: Even if the officials have not asked to submit the documents, neatly collect them in a file well in advance, to avoid the last minute chaos.
  3. Read the checklist carefully: There are different checklists for different PR immigration programmes. Go by the appropriate visa scheme!
  4. Double check: It may be once in a lifetime opportunity. Hence, double check, and if necessary, triple check before you click on ‘submit’! Many times PR Visa application gets either rejected or unnecessary delayed not because the applicant is ineligible but because he did not read the instructions clearly and submitted the incomplete petition.
  5. Get advice from an expert: Permanent Immigration to Canada may not be easily possible and the process for the same could be complex and difficult. Take advice and help from a Canadian Visa Expert. An applicant can complete his PR Visa application on his own; however, an expert advice will be always useful.

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