Find Out How To Reset Key-chain Password on Mac?

Posted by tiffanykart on August 3rd, 2018

The keychain access is the merge of all Mac password. In other words, the keychain replaces the password and reduced the risk of losing or forgetting the password.

Apple devices use Keychain password to keep authenticate the programs and services stored in the keychain. Keychain password and user passwords are interlinked, and when you modify your user ID password, the keychain password changes automatically.

So, changing password on user-group and preferences can keyword password has to be a perfect match or else you need to unlock the Keychain. If you want to learn more about the functioning of keychain on Mac devices call upon Mac helpline number get your queries answered.

The keychain password is only used to encrypt the account user data, not for the administrator. So, if you change the password with an administrator account, they keychain password won’t be affected, but after a logout session, you need to adjust the keychain password.

If you reset the password for account login on your Mac device, you won’t be able to access the keys, password and other stored information. Furthermore, it is recommended to use the default login and keychain password, but if you want to reset, you can perform the following steps:

Steps to reset the default keychain password:

  • Open the Keychain Access in the upper-left of your screen.
  • Choose “Keychain First Aid”.
  • Now type the username and password.
  • Select Repair and then Start.
  • Go to “Preferences” once your keychain is repaired.
  • Choose “Reset my Default Keychain”.
  • Set a new password.

Delete the keychain password?

If you are fed up with resetting your Keychain, there is an option to delete. Follow the steps to delete the keychain password:

  • Open the Applications or Utilities on Mac.
  • Now double click on the Keychain option. The keychain window will appear on your screen.
  • Go to Edit menu on your screen and open the Keychain list.
  • On the prompted screen you can look for the keychain which is no longer available.
  • Check that you have chosen the right keychain.
  • Click OK and then restart your device to apply the changes.

 If you are not able to reset or delete the keychain on your Mac device, dialing Mac tech support number +1-888-326-7644 and get the best assistance of the time. The techies will comprehensively examine the issue which is preventing you to make changes on Keychain and offer the best-matched solution.

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