How can you raise funds for NGO/ Section 8 Company?

Posted by simonindia on August 3rd, 2018

How can you raise funds for NGO/ Section 8 Company?

Every country has a set of NGOs or Non-Governmental Organizations, the institutions which are responsible for carrying out charitable works and provide the exploited or backward people in our society to lead their lives in a much better way. NGOs will always require a good amount of funds so that they can function effectively and carry out their noble work, throughout the city or outside it. So there must be some sources of income from where the NGO must get hold of the finances which would help them to carry out their activities, isn't it? In this article, we are going to discuss with you how you can raise funds for your NGO/ Section 8 Company.

Different Ways To Raise Funds For NGO

We have mentioned in the above paragraph that Non-Governmental Organisations require a lot of funds so that they can carry out their daily activities. But many times they might lack the right amount of money required or want to garner more for future endeavours. Therefore, you must look for different ways which will help you to raise funds for a beautiful campaign. Without wasting any more time we will now move on to the amazing steps which you can follow to raise funds for your NGO.

Install Donation Box- Probably one of the most common and oldest technique with the help of which people tend to collect donations and funds from other people in a certain box for their NGO. These boxes are called Donation Boxes. The boxes are coloured bright and are made with appropriate labelling so that they can attract the passerby and make him donate to a noble cause. These donation boxes are also beneficial for those who want to give something other than money.

The boxes are big and items can be dropped immediately without any problem. However do not expect someone to drop a lot of money in a single day, that is very unlikely to happen and therefore you need to have patience and think about the long term.

Fund Raising Event- We have often heard people assembling for a fundraising event, right? Fundraising events are really fun, they help the people of the same community to come together and collect some good funds for the NGO. Invite everyone that you know of and also tell them to bring their associates so that more people can attend your fundraising event.

You must appeal to them in this event and raise awareness among them and only then you will be able to gather funds for the NGO you have been working hard for. Communicate with these potential donors the right way and give them a solid reason to donate to your NGO. However, make sure that you are carrying out the event in a legal manner without causing any trouble.

Motivate The Volunteers- Volunteers are an integral part of any NGO that functions effectively. It is with the help of volunteers that an NGO will be able to carry out its noble work and make sure the organization gets the right amount of exposure to the outside world. Volunteers need to interact rigorously with the people and make people understand why it is important to donate at times and help to the cause you are fighting for.

Therefore it is very important that you keep your volunteers motivated all the time so that they can work in a much better manner with the desire to do more. Your volunteers can arrange their own contributions from different people and donate it to the right cause.

Online Crowdfunding- Even though most of the donations for an NGO will come from offline sources, you must not neglect the online system. Nowadays, the Internet is available everywhere and the way digital payment systems have taken over the world, there are huge possibilities that you may receive donations from people via online transaction systems. So, you must take care of your website, display your work there, put up your requests, show videos and keep the website active. This will help people to know whether their donation will be put to good use or not.

In today's world, you should simply not miss the online aspect of getting donations when most of the world are using digital technology to do transactions.

Spread The Word- if you want to attract huge donations to your NGO then you must make sure that the people are aware of your institution and the type of work you are dealing with. If people are unaware of your institution then it becomes really difficult to gather important donations from clients. So you would want to spread out the word among the people in your community and even to the ones outside. Talk more about your organization at different events, talk shows and other particular ceremonies where a lot of people assembled together.

Try to convey your message to them and make them understand what your organisation plans to offer or have already achieved. Nowadays you can use social media platforms to spread the word even more and to thousands of people available online. So this way you can get a good amount of donation for your organization.

Be Organized And Think Long Term-As we have stated earlier you will not be given a huge donation in just a single day of every month. You will need to work hard and maintain consistency throughout the course to make sure that your organization has gained much popularity and has attracted potential people who are willing to donate money. Keep your volunteers close and always try to keep them happy. They are the support system of your NGO. Reward and give recognition to your regular donors so that they remain interested to donate again. Therefore, taking care of all these things will help your NGO to gain attention and people will start donating money and raise funds easily.

If you have read the article till this point, you are now aware of the different ways by which you can raise a huge amount of donation for your NGO. Do not get affected by little or no donations at the beginning of your great endeavour because things take time to happen. Similarly, it will take a while for people to know about your NGO and for you as well to effectively reach out to them and ask for their help. Do not hurry any of the procedures and try to bring out the best in the people over time.

Final Verdict

All the different ways by which you can raise fund for your donations are very useful. Numerous organizations have already achieved good results with the help of these methods and therefore you must not neglect the possibilities of any one of them. Try to put a good amount of attention to every one of the points discussed above so that you can garner not one but different sources from where you can gain money.

There are a lot of people who are always ready to donate to the good causes, you will just have to make sure you reach our that section of the people effectively. We hope this article has helped you to gain good funds for your NGO.

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