3 Creative Ways to Use Your USB

Posted by Mudassar Ali on August 3rd, 2018

We have till now been underestimating the power of the ever so humble USB drive. While it is good enough to store a large amount of data and keep our files save for us, this is not the only purpose it serves. A USB can be used to improve the performance of your system and help it perform better.

Let us take a look at the top three ways through which you can use the USB a lot more creatively.

1.    Clean up the system
Fixing a system which has been hit by a virus is not always easy. The virus, malware being the most common one, is often too hostile with how it tends to affect your online activity and system availability.

In most cases, getting online or accessing the system might become entirely impossible. This is where having antiviruses that can be operated through a USB come to be of great help. They allow you to fix the system the USB gets plugged into.

2.    Improve speed
This use of a USB is not fairly common for the modern computer systems but is definitely worth a try if you are still using an old laptop. It helps you improve the read and write times of the system by acting as a disk cache.

The technology is easy to access from the main OS of the system and once deployed can fairly improve the sluggish speed you have been complaining about for your system. If, however, the drive is not compatible with your system, the inbuilt technology would be quick enough to notify it to you.

3.    Recovery drive
When it comes to creativity, this use of the USB takes the cake. In case something bad happens to your system, and you find yourself stuck with a system that won’t boot up, then the recovery USB will help you out here.

It will allow you to perform the basic troubleshooting tasks and reboot the system successfully. Windows 7 recovery USB would have to be prepared way in advance and would not take more than a few minutes of your time. But once done, it would be worth all the effort you have invested into it.

To assist with the recovery, some people also make use of a CD or other hard disk drives, but a USB remains to be the most practical solution. It is prompt and portable for added convenience. To further help the matters, you can always use a tool with your windows 7 recovery USB to help you recover the data that might have gone lost or deleted due to the sudden unfortunate incident. Using the right tool like Apeaksoft data recovery will turn things in your favour resolve a lot of future issues for you.

USB is not just for storing data, and this article has just proved that to you. Use the right tools to assist you, and you shall be making processes a lot more convenient for yourself.

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