4 Classics to Try at Every Italian Restaurant You Enter

Posted by katherine on August 4th, 2018

Italian cuisine is very much alive in every street of New York. Italian cuisine has successfully established its grounds in the country and some of the resounding favorites that people have grown up eating trace their heritage to this cuisine.

If you have decided to just dive into Italian cuisine and explore it, here are some classics that you should start learning and eating about:


First and foremost is a dish that everybody has come to love: pizza. Pizza, of course, is a staple in every Italian restaurant from east to west. The pizza’s quality can say a lot about the restaurant you are in.

A good crust to come with their own base Italian sauce, the freshest cheese, and the best toppings – from Pepperoni to Four Cheese, pizza is an obvious choice.


Much like a restaurant’s pizza, ordering a ravioli is also a definite try in Italian restaurants as they can give you a gauge of the chefs’ quality. Raviolis have gained popularity and traction in American soils in the past years due to its unique taste and variety amongst Italian restaurants Greensboro.

Lobster ravioli and cheese ravioli are some of the varieties to try out for this simple yet incredible traditional Italian dumpling.

Specialty Pasta

Of course, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a good plate of fettuccine Alfredo in every Italian restaurant, right? Italians are known for extreme variety as seen by the dozens of choices you have for pizzas and raviolis. Pastas are not different and each Italian restaurant you visit will always have specialty pasta.

Whether you are the type to enjoy a cream or cheese-based sauce like a classic Alfredo, or something tomato based like a Marinara, or perhaps a simple oil-based pesto – there will always be the right pasta for everyone.


Although still building up itself to be a regular favorite, the manicotti is also an Italian classic that will always be worth the try. Often likened to the Latino’s burrito, the Manicotti is a sleeve-looking shell that you can stuff with ingredients such as different sauces, cheeses, and proteins.

The classic manicotti is often stuffed with mozzarella, parmesan, and ricotta, while topped with a good serving of marinara sauce.

These four are just some of the Italian classics you should definitely try getting yourself into. As mentioned, Italian cuisine is filled with creativity and variety as proven by the dishes you have seen above so go ahead and dive in!

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