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Posted by amirthaa on September 26th, 2010

In simple words, poker is defined as card games. These days, first round of poker betting starts with a forced bet. Each player can choose to match the maximum previous bet or to raise the bet or to lose all the money bet so far. Each round of poker ends after everyone matches the bet or loses all the money. In the end, the one remaining player or winning player gets the pot. The pot in poker is defined as the amount of betting money. Poker was a game initiated in German in the 15th century, by the name of ?Pochpiel?. It is also said to be initiated by the Persian game of ?Nas?, French game of ?brelan? and English game of ?brag?. However, some schools of thoughts believe that poker could be initiated from any type of card games. There is a great number of poker tournaments held worldwide since 1970.

There are a few types of poker games. This includes Texas Hold?em, Omaha Poker, Seven Card Stud and Five Card Draw. In a normal game, poker is marked by a token. This token is called a dealer button. A typical game starts with the dealer shuffling the cards. Otherwise, it is all about betting.

Poker possesses many variations. One of which is called straight. Each player deals with a complete hand and this variation is very renowned during the American Revolutionary War. Another variation is called stud poker. Each player deals the cards in a combination of face-up and face-down rounds. The most widely played stud is the seven-card stud. In a draw poker variation, complete face-down cards are dealt with by the players. Players are allowed to discard the unwanted cards. Other interesting poker game is the strip poker whereby players are to remove their clothes when they lose bets.

Besides traditional poker, it also exists in the form of online poker. This industry has splurged as its revenues were $2.4 billion is 2004. The main difference between an online poker and traditional poker is that players do not sit face to face. Hence, the body language and expression cannot be observed. Besides, the rate of play differs with traditional poker too. An average of play in traditional poker is 30 hands per hour but it can go up to 100 hands per hour in the virtual poker. Online poker is definitely less expensive compared to traditional poker. This is due to the reason that online poker doesn?t charge incidental expenses. Online poker is played using US Dollar. Some tips for poker player. Don?t ever pretend that one is a professional player, except in the case where the player has bankroll to back him up. It is also advised that the first 5 to 7 cards one receives is to be the foundation as strategy can be arranged then. There will be some really strong players at the table. Never try to beat them by losing concentration on one?s own cards. One must also be patient in poker games.

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