How to Create AMAZING mink lashes With the Best Kept Mascara Secret Used by Prof

Posted by ulrch on August 4th, 2018

How to Create AMAZING mink lashes With the Best Kept Mascara Secret Used by Professional Makeup Artist

Along with diamonds, mascara is a girl's best friend.(What a pretty girl ,if you wear double silk lashes in your eyes to meet more choice here  mink lashes wholesale) Sadly not all of us are blessed with amazing natural lashes like those found on celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Penelope Cruz. Sure, there are plenty of solutions out there such as false lashes, eyelash extensions, eyelash growth products and so on, but these can be costly and more often than not are more hassle than they're worth.

Now, for the first time, you too can follow the mascara routine used by professional makeup artists on models in countless fashion shows across Europe, America and Australia. Much easier than caring for extensions, applying false lashes or taking vitamins, this is guaranteed to deliver amazing results which will have your friends and family noticing a difference.

Simply follow the below steps for fool-proof, perfect, amazing lashes:

Ensure that there is no residue makeup on your mink lashes.

Using a teasing comb (yes, the sort you use for teasing your hair) gently comb your mink lashes so that they are untangled and facing the normal direction.

Next, apply 1 coat of Lancome Virtuose in Black Carat, taking care not to clump the lashes together.

If there are any clumps or uneven bits of mascara, use the teasing comb again to gently comb your lashes out so they are untangled and facing the normal direction.

Next, apply a second coat of Lancome Virtuose in Black Carat and repeat step 4 if necessary.

Finish by applying 1 coat of Dior Diorshow Blackout in Kohl Black and repeat step 4 if necessary.

The reasoning behind this method is that these are 2 fantastic mascaras which both excel in different areas.(click here [txnan] to see more what 3d mink lashes you prefer wanna learn ) 

Lancome Virtuose is renowned for its amazing eyelash curling ability whilst providing a fine coating over the lashes. This is due to the Keepcurl contoured brush which has the same effect as using an eyelash curler before you apply any mascara, without any of the nasty risks such as eyelash loss.

Dior Diorshow Blackout in contrast is prized for creating incredibly thick and lengthened lashes with its supersized brush and voluminous texture.

The teasing comb is superior to using a standard eyelash comb as it has bigger teeth which prevent clumped lashes being pulled out, and big lashes require bigger tools.

Lastly, the shades chosen; Black Carat and Kohl Black, are the deepest blacks you can get in both brands. The darker your lashes are, the more impact they will have and consequently be noticed.

Now you know the industry secret that professional makeup artists have kept hidden for so long!

Sarah has been a devoted spray tanner for many years and has her own website which features independent spray tan reviews  and an impressive list of helpful spray tan tips .(click here  http://www.txnan.comto see more what 3d mink lashes you prefer wanna learn ) She is considered an expert in the industry having tried countless brands from all over the world and plans to launch her own range of products soon.

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