Top 5 Hollywood Trends for Fall 2010 It is 7 am and here I am in a dark, cold ro

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Top 5 Hollywood Trends for Fall 2010

It is 7 am and here I am in a dark, cold room that will soon turn into a bright, bustling make-up room.(What a pretty girl ,if you wear double silk lashes in your eyes to meet more choice here silk lashes wholesale) This is the place where the "magic" happens, stories are shared and tips are exchanged. It is fall and everyone is asking about looks and trends. Red & Plum are the hot colors and here is the TOP 5 Fall Hot Sheet I share with anyone in my chair:


mink lashes whether they are false or extensions, they all everyone is talking about. When I work with someone new, they soon realize, I am the lash girl. Eyemink lashes draw the camera & others right into what you are expressing or saying. With the new lash growth products like Latisse (0 Rx only) and Rapid Lash (), everyone can find something that works for them. Lash growers are wonderful for nourishing mink lashes but take commitment and patience. Healthy, shiny, full and long - this is what everyone wants. False mink lashes are great for a few nights of drama. Extensions are great for months of waking up without mascara, ready to go. Mascara (love CG LashBlast) is awesome and the one item I would need on a deserted island!


This is really NEW in Hollywood! Beyonce' made them popular in the spring and now every celebrity is sporting some BLING! These are sparkly fibers that gently get tied into your hair and last 1-2 weeks. You can wash them, curl them, flat iron them and style your hair with them in. They loosen and just slide off the hair... but definitely turn heads wherever you go. I think everyone needs a little BLING! in their life.


The Fall colors are Red and Plum. This is always the time where the natural, bronzed summer look kicks up into a more deep, dramatic look. Smokey eyes are always popular for fall/holidays. Shimmer, sparkle, black lined inner eyes, winged top liner and purple/eggplant/plums are this year's look. Most makeup lines have a fabulous plum palette you can try for the Fall (Chanel's ENIGMA a client fav). I suggest starting with a neutral base (brown/grey) and slowly layer the brighter/darker shade into the neutral base. Keep a highlight under the brow and the rest is your creation. Palettes are great, allowing you to try colors you may not normally choose, without worrying about blending tones.(click here [aurnt] to see more what 3d mink lashes you prefer wanna learn )

Red always comes around in the Fall and this year it is all the rage. I LOVE red lips and usually recommend a bluer based red for most lips. Try on the color before purchasing and look at your teeth. If your teeth turn yellow, tone down the red and choose a darker, softer tone like a brick. When you are sporting a bright lip, you may want to go easy on the eyeshadow treatment. You don't want your eyes & lips competing with each other. Dark liner, dark mink lashes with light sparkly shadow is a great compliment to red lips.


Clean, smooth skin is on everyone's wish list these days. A proper skincare regiment accompanied by ALWAYS washing your face before bed, is the best start. Your skin rejuvenates itself at night, so moisturize and treat before dozing off. Lighter foundations are the most popular, but with good coverage. People want to see skin and high definition television requires a much lighter coverage. If you have a foundation you like, you can mix it with moisturizer to create your own tinted moisturizer. The key to good skin, is using SPF, all year long!


Everyone in Hollywood is always on a diet or detoxing (especially before the holidays). There are so many fads and crazes. A new favorite is alkaline water. It is a natural detox for your body. Our bodies are made up of mostly water (approx. 50-70%). Scientists say that antibodies, disease, sickness and toxins cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Foods we eat create an Acidic environment. If we can balance the PH level in our bodies, we are healthier and illness free. This is one of the new best anti-aging tips. I love the Kangan water and include it in home care treatments for my clientele. With regular use, you will definitely see a difference. In a pinch, no alkaline water? Add a lemon.

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