Is there a way to shed obesity and lead a healthy life?

Posted by leo on August 5th, 2018

Is there a way to shed obesity and lead a healthy life?

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Maintaining fitness has been one of the most lightly taken practices in the world. This is because of the sedentary lifestyle among people, nature of employment, irregular and improper eating habits and lack of motivation to take up a healthy living pattern. This has led to multiple countries with the highest distribution of people suffering from obesity. Obesity is also contributed by genetic makeup and heredity reasons. But this is considered to be an excuse given by obese people to shadow the fact of them not following a healthy lifestyle.

The main reason why people fall prey to obesity is because they think that only by enrolling themselves in a gym can they prevent obesity and keep their bodies in good shape, and since a third of the people cannot afford to go to use one or don’t have the time to go to for such things on a regular basis, they don’t give any of the other way of improving avenues a try. It is nothing but ignorance of people which makes them think that it can be achieved and maintained only guidance and under the supervision of a trainer.

What is meant by exercise?

The workout is nothing but pushing our bodies to an extent to which the body doesn’t feel comfortable and then tries to adapt itself for that particular deformation so as to render flexibility and stamina. I other words, it can also be called an exercise. Talking about the practice procedures of exercising, Physical activity is rendered by playing different sports, Running, jogging etc. These exercises help in flexing the muscles and also in smooth functioning of the heart by giving it a good supply of oxygen and also improves stamina and endurance.

What are the benefits?

What these various forms of physical activities do is that they promote a healthy living style. Playing sports in a group brings in a lot of motivation and responsibility, and the fact of performing well during play reflects on the day to day activities as well. It enhances confidence in oneself and creates a will to achieve. This motivation, in turn, builds the character of the individual and brings in some important characteristics leading to maturity and in turn, helping in both the physical and mental well-being of the person.

Physical and mental health goes hand-in-hand in determining the state of any individual. It is not that this combination of good health could be achieved only by spending long hours in the centers that help you to stay fit, but also sticking to a strict and steady living pattern in order to maintain a sense of inner peace and living up to the saying ‘One is only as happy as his body is’. It is man’s responsibility to recognize that the body is an instrument that needs regular seasoning that is regulated by a constant exercise plan and without it, it just becomes a rotting vegetable. Hence, to conclude, it is necessary to know that a constant exercise is the best route for a good and healthy living.

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